Thursday 8 March 2012

English barrister demolishes Crown's Lockerbie Megrahi evidence

The indefatigable David Wolchover, barrister and Head of Chambers Emeritus at 7 Bell Yard, has recently returned to the charge over Lockerbie and the Megrahi conviction in three articles in the Criminal Law & Justice Weekly.  Synopses of the articles can be found here and here and here

Mr Wolchover has also produced a magnificent 26,000 word, 24-page, monograph entitled Culprits of Lockerbie: Gaddafi or the Extemists of Palestine in which he dissects the evidence led at Zeist against Megrahi and Libya and explores (a) the evidence for Heathrow (rather than Malta-Frankfurt) insertion of the bomb suitcase and (b) the evidence pointing towards PFLP-GC responsibility. The monograph can be read here. It has now been revised and expanded (see especially pages 6 and 7) to take account of comments by baz on this blog.

Previous Lockerbie articles by David Wolchover are referred to on this blog here.


  1. Wow. What a fantastic piece. Should be mandatory reading for the entire Scottish Parliament.

  2. "Magnifient" - "Fantastic" - I thought it was dire. In which parallel universe did Gaddafi renounce terrorism in November 1988in order to support Arafat's capitulation to the "extremists of Palestine." There were several errors of fact and a few wrong dates but I thought the attempt to prove the existence and identity of "Abu Elias" was risible. I cannot believe the author is a Barrister. He wrote "there can be little doubt Abu Elias exists." Well I doubt it becuase there is no credible evidence that he does exist. Excuse me if I don't take Marwan Khreesat's word for it!

  3. David Wolchover's monograph has now been revised and expanded (see especially pages 6 and 7) to take account of baz's (somewhat OTT?) comments.