Friday 9 March 2012

Hillary Clinton on Megrahi

At a US State Department press conference held yesterday after a meeting in Washington DC with Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the following:]

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good morning, everyone. I just have to express that it is not only an honor, but a personal pleasure to welcome the prime minister of a free Libya on his visit to Washington, where he’s had excellent consultations in the White House meeting with, among others, the President, and an excellent presentation before the UN Security Council yesterday in New York. Just think, this time last year, the United States was working to build an international coalition of support for the Libyan people, and today we are proud to continue that support as the people of Libya build a new democracy that will bring about peace and prosperity and protect the rights and dignity of every citizen. (...)

QUESTION: ... I’m wondering if you can tell us if you received any new assurances on the Megrahi case in your discussions today.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Andy, I, of course, raised the Megrahi Pan Am 103 issue as I do whenever I meet with Libyan officials. You know where I stand. I believe that Megrahi should still be behind bars. And we know that Libya faces a multitude of challenges, but at the same time they have assured us that they understand the sensitivities of this case, and they will give the matter the consideration it deserves. We will continue to fight for justice for all the victims of Qadhafi and his regime. And in this particular case, the US Department of Justice has an open case, and it will remain open while we work together on it.


  1. Clinton should be behind bars. When are politicians going to realise that the time when they could have two versions of reality is gone. One (real) version for them selves and another version for the voting idiots is no longer permissable.

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  3. so the DOJ have this as an open case and are looking to the Libyan government to help the close the case ....just a thought, wouldn't the DOJ be better asking a more established government some questions on the case, say the UK government, or asking some other agencies that may, just may, have some information, ooh, such as the CIA. Case closed. Happy Hilary?