Sunday, 17 May 2020

Slowly, slowly the mists obscuring the truth are clearing.

[The following are brief extracts from a long letter by Dr Jim Swire to Dr Ludwig de Braeckeleer published today on the latter's Intel Today website. The full text of the letter should be read.]

We were thrown from a life as a British NHS GP and family into the hell of bereavement, deceits and official deceptions upon the brutal murder of our elder daughter Flora along with 269 other innocent souls on 21st December 1988. After the first days of numbed grief and disbelief  there was the support of others similarly afflicted.

Prominent among those has been Reverend John Mosey and his wife Lisa who had also lost their daughter on the flight and John and I between us witnessed the entire trial and first appeal. He and I have often discussed how we could force some good to come out of so great an evil as this barbaric act.

We might forgive those who got protection so wrong back in 1988 and those who today continue to support the nonsense of the whole story about the Lockerbie bomb having started from Malta, The truth is now clear: that story is nonsense from beginning to end.

Yet  alas it is obvious that a great deal is known by our Governments here and in America about the real origins of this deeply preventable atrocity. Not only that, but direct action has been repeatedly taken to block our clamour for truth.

On top of that, Justice itself at Zeist was, we can now see, deliberately perverted in order to establish a fable which is without proof and is void.

In  decent societies we all need the truth, and the restoration of impartial justice. Without those we are even denied the chance to extend forgiveness towards those who failed our families and even towards those who in reality cold-bloodily murdered them.

Further, to leave the manner of their slaughter concealed in a fog of nonsense seems to degrade the significance of their lives. (...)

So plain is the gap now for those who have studied the evidence between reality and Government positions and so stark the evidence now available to show that the wrong country and its citizens were blamed, that for the seekers after truth, apparent blindness of Governments and their apparent intrusions in justice at Zeist can only be described as willful. (...)

There is nothing that can replace those we lost that night. But slowly, slowly the mists obscuring the truth about their slaughter will and are clearing.

The trial at Zeist which we worked so hard to support inadvertently revealed so much of the truth, not just to us but to anyone willing to listen, that gradually realisation is emerging even round our virus ridden planet now that we have all been led astray.

The work of younger people and groups such as INTEL TODAY with its tapping of objective professional expertise carries the responsibility of revealing the truth, search their brilliant coverage of PT35b: even now we await the Megrahi family appeal process under Scottish solicitor Aamer Anwar that surely will reveal that the verdict against the one individual Libyan, Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi was false.

Then can we please know what the Governments know as to who really did do it and why our families were not protected?


  1. Excellent report on INTEL TODAY as always, many thanks to Doctor Ludwig De Braeckeleer.
    In Scotland still 'LOCKDOWN' in the incipient Appeal in the Lockerbie Case - PanAm 103 - how long ???
    The evidence is pointing to crimes more egregious than just a cover-up (Die Beweise deuten auf Verbrechen hin, die ungeheuerlicher sind als nur eine Vertuschung)
    To remain silent in a SCANDAL of this magnitude- which MEBO has demonstrated - would indicate recognition of the decisive allegations and end in tragedy for Scottish Justice...
    ED. Bollier & MEBO Ltd guarantees the defense lawyer Aamer Anwar & Co. full support in this obviously intentionally realized lie construction that someone have found an MST 13 timer fragment in Lockerbie...
    Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and LIBYA, as well as the crucial MST13 timer fragment (PT35; PT35/b and PT35/B) allegedly descended from a MEBO timer, have nothing to do in the "Lockerbie Tragödie_PanAm 103"
    The further search for the real culprits must be directed in another direction.
    Film LINK >
    "The evidence is pointing to crimes more egregious than just a cover-up" >>>
    by PRIVAT INVESTIGATOR, FACT-FINDING COMMITTEE Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. You may not like gaddafis son but he has info from the other side
    If you want this resolved before we all die of old age, I am sure he will admit to mistakes as his deal went bad.