Monday 23 May 2016

Megrahi conviction "probably unsafe" says MacAskill

[This is the headline over a report published today on the ITV News website. It reads in part:]

Scotland's former Justice Secretary has told ITV Border there are doubts about the conviction of the only man found guilty of the Lockerbie bombing. (...)

Now the former Justice Secretary in the first SNP Holyrood government formed in 2007 has written a book about the incident: 'The Lockerbie Bombing: The Search for Justice.'
Some campaigners have always maintained that Megrahi is innocent, whilst other say the special Scottish court set up in the Netherlands for the case came to the right verdict.

“I do think there are now doubts upon the conviction and I tend to think that it probably would result in it being found unsafe.
"But there was a lot of other information regarding Mr Megrahi. Suggestions that some people seem to make that he had no involvement, that there'd been the planting of evidence or whatever, I just believe are entirely defamatory of those involved."
Mr MacAskill's book, published on Thursday, is highly critical of both the US and UK government who he claims opposed the return of Megrahi to Libya while doing deal with the country's then leader Muammar Gadaffi.
The book looks into the details of the bombing, the subsequent police investigation, the trial and the aftermath.

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  1. Fine, or as fine as it gets in a press which just can't bring itself together to say it straight: that the case was a total disaster already at the time, and has since dropped to a level where not even a Scottish judge would ever dream of accepting it.