Thursday, 21 November 2013

Anger that Malta was so unfairly involved

[I am grateful to George Thomson for sending me the following reflections on his trip to Malta during which he conducted question and answer sessions with the audience following performances of the play The Lockerbie Bomber:]

First of all I thought that the play was fantastic.  I met the whole of the cast over a drink and it was great to hear that not all of them were believers in the case until they began their research for the play and now they are all fully on board and they say this adds to the passion which they clearly show in their acting.
Herman [Grech, the director of the play and also head of media for The Times of Malta] and his team were great and they made me very welcome.  We planned only to do a Q and A on the Friday, but that went down so well it was decided that we should repeat it on the final night. The play was performed to full houses on both nights with people disappointed at not being able to secure a ticket.
The questions were very good both nights and it shows that there is a burning interest and a certain amount of anger that Malta was so unfairly involved. Nobody out there believes that the bomb went on at Luqa.  In that area I was able to give Morag's new book some publicity. [RB: Dr Morag Kerr, Adequately Explained by Stupidity?: Lockerbie, Luggage and Lies, due to be published on 21 December 2013.]

We were also approached by the head of a local well-known film production company who expressed an interest in doing something on the case.
Jim Swire obviously made a very big impression during his recent visit the locals took him to their hearts and he was the main topic of many conversations I had.
Herman and his team intend to keep up the pressure on the Maltese Government and soon they will run a big piece on the Gauci payments.


  1. MISSION LIFE WITH LOCKERBIE, 2013 -- Go on ground to new facts... (google translation,german/english):

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  2. Good news. It appears that "Adequately Explained by Stupidity?" will be available to buy on or very shortly after 10th December.