Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bella Caledonia claims to have identified "the golfer"

In an article posted this evening, the Bella Caledonia website claims to have identified "the golfer" -- the police officer involved in the Lockerbie investigation who has claimed that certain crucial evidence (relating to the timer fragment) was planted. I do not know whether the identification is correct, but the evidence and reasoning leading to it do not strike me as wholly persuasive.


  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, Supplement to "Golfer's" Affidavit, (google translation. german,english:

    LOCKERBIE AffAIR- is the biggest Fraud in the history of Scotland.

    The affidavit from 18th July, 2007, by Eng. Ulrich Lumpert: (ex MEBO Ltd.) with the Subject of unauthorized transfer of a MST-13 timers crircuit-board to officials by (BUPO) in Switzerland, is another important key in the fraud with the manipulated evidence in the "Lockerbie-Affair"!

    Affidavit Excerpt:
    When I (U.Lumpert) realized that the MST-13 PC-board, after it was handed over by me without permission was misused for deliberate politically criminal "action", it was clear to me that I was stuck "in the middle of it" and decided to keep quiet, for it could have been extremely dangerous for me as an unintentional "bearer of secrets".
    Although the portrayed MST-13 fragment at this time itself, had been sawed into two pieces apparently for forensic reasons, it did not escape me that the MST-13 fragment on the police photograph (No. PT/35(b) came from the non-operational MST-13 prototype PC-board that I had stolen; this because there are clear characteristics e.g. on a specific soldering terminal, a relay had never been soldered.
    The soldering terminal was flat and clean at this place.

    Please visit the manipulated evidence in the "Lockerbie-Case". the MST-13 timerfragment and the swindle with the Toshiba radio-recorder RT-8016 SF. on URL:

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland

  2. 1. Policeman who worked on Lockerbie case gets promoted to acting Chief Constable.

    2. Policeman gets booted from force for getting freebies and incorrectly using evidence.

    3. Therefore, policeman is guy who submitted evidence to SCCRC suggesting timer fragments were planted. Evidence that was more or less laughed out of town by the SCCRC.

    How did they make the leap from 2 to 3? And why did they think it mattered in any case?

  3. Well, given the SCCRC duly investigated and then rejected the evidence provided by GOLFER, no.