Friday, 18 December 2009

Has al-Megrahi paid his council tax?

[This is the headline over a column by Hugo Rifkind (son of Tory grandee and former Foreign Secretary, Sir Malcolm) in today's edition of The Times. The relevant section reads as follows:]

This is not a job for East Renfrewshire Council

There are some matters at which, I’m sure, East Renfrewshire Council must excel. Bins, maybe. Say Auld Dick from No 32 is being kept awake by the stench of the leftovers and egg boxes in the wheelie belonging to Mrs McGinty from No 34. Nae problem. In other areas, though, I suspect it might be out of its depth. A purely random example: international diplomacy.

How has this happened? How has the whereabouts of the man behind the greatest terrorist atrocity on British soil become the responsibility not of the British Government, nor even of the Scottish Executive, but of the same people who empty Mrs McGinty’s bins? I’m talking about Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, otherwise known as the Libyan bomber. The good officers of East Renfrewshire Council, apparently, have been going quite frantic this week. Apparently, the terms of al-Megrahi’s compassionate release dictate that he must check in with the council every two weeks, and this week he couldn’t be contacted. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about, what with the Christmas lights in Giffnock going on.

What, I’m wondering, would the councillors of East Renfrewshire have done to Megrahi, had he not finally got in touch? Torn up his library card? Cancelled his bus pass? Or would they have sent a crack team of council officers, all in fleeces and clip-on ties, all with clipboards, to make an amphibious landing on the Libyan coast? Would they have stormed Tripoli to bring him home, like a cross between Navy Seals and a novel by Evelyn Waugh? As I have never personally lived in East Renfrewshire this is mere conjecture, but my hunch would be probably not.

The case of al-Megrahi was always a farce. Wasn’t he supposed to be dead by now? Plainly, nobody has any control over his whereabouts other than that nice Gaddafi bloke. Instead of anybody admitting that, though, we’ve just got this weird pretence otherwise, with every responsible body fobbing him off downwards, like a hot and quite embarrassing potato. Pretty soon we’ll have East Renfrewshire Council doing the same; you just wait and see. “This,” the Prime Minister will tell the House of Commons, “is purely a matter for Auld Dick and Mrs McGinty and their Neighbourhood Watch.”

[Mr Rifkind makes a good point. Requiring East Renfrewshire Council officials to pretend to monitor and supervise Mr Megrahi was always a nonsense. Even if he were to breach the terms of the licence under which he was released, there is not the slightest chance of his being recalled to prison by the Scottish Government. After all, one of the principal reasons for releasing him was that there was nowhere within the Scottish prison system that was suitable for the care of a dying man in his last weeks and months.

However, it is ironical that this good point should be being made in The Times, which is the newspaper that (a) manufactured a spurious crisis by claiming, on the very flimsiest of evidence, that Mr Megrahi had disappeared and (b) concussed officials of the Council into attempting to contact him outside the normal schedule of fortnightly phone calls. It is to be hoped that the Council submits to The Times a bill for the cost of this entirely unnecessary phone call to Tripoli.]


  1. "How has the whereabouts of the man behind the greatest terrorist atrocity on British soil become the responsibility ... of the same people who empty Mrs McGinty’s bins?"

    Absolutely hilarious!

    With the existing press bias we can't really blame Hugo Rifkind for not knowing that Megrahi's conviction itself turned out to be a yet another farce.

    Is Guaci's bribing history known by Mr. Rifkind? I'd be really curious to know his opinion here, and whether courts from now on should accept the testimony from people paid huge sums by those who'd like them to have a certain opinion?

    It would make a lot of things easier. Recent claims of football-fraud could made non-problematic: we would simply accept a statement from the losing football-team that they, despite accepting money, actually really played as well as they possibly could.

    - - -

    I recall a TV-trial in the JFK-case. A jury, two real layers, a real judge, an audience - everything like for a real trial, only it was not under the law.

    Wouldn't it be an idea to set up something similar for a Megrahi re-trial? The only problem could be to find a reputable prosecutor who'd take the hopeless case.

    The verdict in the TV JFK-"trial" was, that it was not proven that Oswald was not alone, a verdict I BTW agree with. We are not conspiracy-theory grabbers, Mr. Duggan.

  2. Might I suggest, given that the forecasting of a death must be a highly difficult thing, unless you happen to be an executioner, that those who speculate and hope for an early death of Mr Megrahi, clearly innocent of any crime, ponder how long it took that notorious state criminal General Pinochet to die, having been released on the most dubious medical grounds, by a doctor who was not an expert in the field of the gereral's disease, on Mr Straw's instructions.

    Might I also ask Mr Balck to contact me, urgently?

  3. May I take space and time in your columns to point out that conspiracy theorist are not conspiracists and the boot is on the other foot?

  4. Dear Mr. Charles, you can also contact Dr. Black himself, his email address is (as given on the front page of this blog)

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  7. What a load of garbage served up by Rifkind Jr!

    His dad, Rifkind Snr, was also pathetic when it came to explaining to Parliament why apartheid South Africa could not possibly extradite the 'Coventry Four' to stand trial for arms smuggling offences in the UK (see ).

    Obviously, "Big Malc" didn't want to annoy Mrs Thatcher's apartheid South African friends - P W and Pik Botha - who were involved in targeting the UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing (see ).