Thursday, 1 October 2020

Appeal Court's written opinion following Megrahi procedural hearing

Following the first procedural hearing at the end of August in the appeal by the Megrahi family, I commented in this blog as follows:

This is a very good outcome for the appellant. The court has not restricted the appeal to the (disappointingly narrow) grounds accepted by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission. It has also not rejected out of hand the possible relevance of the documents in respect of which first David Miliband and now Dominic Raab have asserted public interest immunity on behalf of the UK Government. Unsurprisingly, however, it rejected proposed grounds of appeal based on the absence of a "robust system of disclosure", a "systemic failure of disclosure"; and “bad faith on the part of the Crown”.

The appeal court's written opinion has now been released. It can be read here. A report in the Daily Record can be read here; and the report in Scottish Legal News can be found here.

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  1. Do you think the US election or Brexit is a major factor in this trial? What evidence that is considered or ignored seems to be dictated by outside events or money or is this political trial different?

    After all, the baggage handler, who in theory, was handed a suitcase a luggage by a libyan testimony was dismissed but a man was sold a libyan clothes was a star witness whose brother and he got 3 million dollars by the FBI.

    In the segment "the dark side of Robert Mueller" was accused of evidence tampering in lockerbie while he later cleared Bin Laden of 911. Apparently, nobody did 911 and the millions spent on investigation was wasted. Nobody was told