Saturday 21 January 2017

Megrahi should never have been convicted in the first place

[What follows is excerpted from a report published in The Scotsman on this date in 2002:]

Megrahi’s appeal is being financed and co-ordinated by a consortium of Libyan lawyers headed by Tripoli-based academic Dr Ibrahim Legwell. [RB: Dr Legwell was a practising lawyer in Tripoli. His academic appointments were honorary.]

In a bid to bolster the appeal case, the Libyan lawyers raised funds to recruit the services of some of the world’s leading legal minds and PR men.

The appeal is to be heard by Scotland’s highest-ranking judge, Lord Cullen, the Lord Justice-General, sitting with Lords Kirkwood, Osborne, Macfadyen and Nimmo Smith.

Professor Robert Black, QC, of Edinburgh University, who helped to pave the way for the Lockerbie trial to be held in a neutral country, believes that Megrahi should win his appeal.

He added: "I did not believe either of the accused should have been convicted, and it is pretty plain my view is that the appeal should succeed, simply because Megrahi should never have been convicted in the first place on the evidence that was led.

"I believe that conclusions drawn by the court, that Megrahi bought clothing on Malta on a day when he was known to be on the island, went against the weight of the evidence.

"These conclusions were absolutely vital to his conviction. But it is very difficult for five judges to turn round and say, ‘Our three very senior colleagues at the trial got it wrong and they were not entitled to convict.’ I’m not oozing confidence that my view will turn out to be correct."


  1. DOSSIER LOCKERBIE,2017 >> google translation, German/English
    Decisive support for the delayed investigation Operation 'SANDWOOD':

    Known official employees of the Scottish criminal investigation team are responsible for the crucial evidence fraud with a manipulated MST-13 Timerfragment (PT35) for the detriment of Libya, Mr. Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, Edwin Bollier/MEBO AG and Air Malta !

    For this evidence fraud, the company Siemens in Munich (DL) what abused – under deceptive indication (as forensic investigation)!

    On 27 April 1990, on the order of Chief Inspector William Williamson (Scottish police) the original black carbonized MST-13 Timerfragment, allegedly found in Lockerbie, was in the Siemens laboratory and sawn up into two SPECIAL SECTIONS
    (Nr.353 = PT35/a) and (Nr. 419 = DP31/a).

    The greater part of (PT35/a) was then later, in May 1989, replaced with a fake duplicate (PT35/b), which what was needed for the wrong and criminal link - from PanAm 103 bombing to Libya !

    A forensic examination was prevented by Insp.Williamson, supposedly the approval of the relevant CIO invstigation Chief Stuart Henderson, was not available. Insp. Williamson agreed a new date for the 15-17 May 1990, for the forensic investigation.
    SIO Stuart Henderson announced on 9th May 1990, in a letter to Siemens, that the investigations with less effort in the UK can be made !!!

    Justice for the political victim nr. 271, Mr. Abdelbasset, Al Megrahi and Libya. Both have nothing to do with the Bombing on PanAm 103!
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  2. Nice to see somebody in the legal profession speaking common sense. However political verdicts generally over rule common sense. Will common sense prevail? in the Lockerbie case. I doubt it.

  3. DOSSIER LOCKERBIE, 2017 >> Google translation/German/English:

    Further support for the delayed, Scottish 'Lockerbie examination' under the pseudonym, 'SANDWOOD' operation - google translation German/English:

    By release of a confidential document of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) Register Nr. ST.33-068507/88, was opened that the Scottish police - since 14th May 1990 - therefor, 10 years before - the court process (3rd May 2000) know, that the real evidence of MST-13 Timerfragment (PT35) was found in one piece "SLALOM -Shirt", first on 20th January 1990, at *RARDE !!!

    This confirms once again that the found of the fragment, dated (10th Sept. 1990) noted on a UK police label "DP137", was overwritten – and was moved back on the wrong date to 15th Sept. 1989, (criminal deception on the court).

    Still not enough - apparently for a second criminal reasons, was that same real MST-13 Timerfragment (PT-35) again, on an earlier date of 12th May 1989, back moved !
    The date of this new rebooking was on an additional FAKE page Nr.51 in the RARDE report 181 "infiltrated"; the number 51, on the existing original page of report 181, was overridden with nr. 52 and the org. nr. 52 on the next page to nr. 53, - nr. 53, to nr. 54, nr. 54, to nr. 55, etc., amended
    A monstrous legal scandal - at the Scottish court, the correct date 20th January 1990 about the found, of evidence was embezzled !

    From the Scottish criminal cases Review Commission (SCCRC) at year 2007, the first time was announced, that through a fax letter by expert Allen Feraday, (RARDE) addressed to the SIO Chief, Stuart Henderson, could be uncovered, that the MST-13 Timerfragment (PT35) was found at the first time, on 20th January 1990, in Lockerbie...

    For the evidence fraud: on the Lockerbie trial 2000 at Kamp van Zeist, witness nr. 355, expert Allen Feraday *(RARDE) - witness No. 994, Chief Inspector William Williamson, (Scottish police) - and witness No. 257, Det. Thomas Gilchrist, (Scottish police) maked with false testimonys under oath - that the key piece of evidence (TimerFragmnt PT-35) had been found on 12th May 1989.- faked testimony !
    The fragment was originating from an MST-13 timer, which should have enabled the explosive device (IED) on flight Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie ?
    Reminder: initially, according Police label, the fragment (PT-35) was found on 10th September 1990, then on 15th September 1989, then concluded on 12th May 1989, in a burnt piece of "Slalom"-shirt, all time, in the laboratory at (RARDE) by expert Allen Feraday, has been found!
    At the Court, these questionable matter was passed over as a mysterious event.... irresponsible !

    *RARDE Fort Halstead, is the headquarters ' of the Royal armament research and development establishment'.

    Justice for the political victim nr. 271, Mr. Abdelbasset, Al Megrahi and Libya. Both have nothing to do with the Bombing on PanAm 103!

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  4. Reminder:
    Richard Marquise answered Gideon Levy's question:

    Gideon LEVY: Would you have a case if you wouldn't have these evidence (MST-13 timer)?

    Richard MARQUISE: Would we have a case. It would be a very dificult case to prove. It would be a very dificult case to prove ... I don't think we would ever had an indictment.

    And he said also: But I can tell you that now money was paid to any witness, any witness prior to the trial.
    No promise of money was made to any witness prior to the trial. G.L.: And was there paid any money after he trial? R.M.: I'm not gonna answer that. And he said: If someone manipulated evidence, if somebody didn't invesitgate something that should have been investigated, if somebody twisted it to fit up Megrahi or Fimah or Libya, then that person will go to jail. I mean that sincerely, that person should be prosecuted for that...

    Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd