Friday 15 April 2016

UN sanctions against Libya

On this date in 1992 United Nations sanctions against came into effect against Libya for failing to hand over Megrahi and Fhimah for trial in the United Kingdom or the United States, as the Security Council had ordered in Resolution 731 (21 January 1992). The sanctions imposed pursuant to Resolution 748 (31 March 1992) required UN member states to 

(a) deny permission for any Libyan aircraft to take off from, land in or overfly their territory if it had taken off from Libyan territory, excluding cases of humanitarian need;
(b) prohibit the supply of aircraft or aircraft components or the provision or servicing of aircraft or aircraft components;
(c) prohibit the provision of weapons, ammunition or other military equipment to Libya and technical advice or training;
(d) withdraw officials present in Libya that advise the Libyan authorities on military matters;
(e) significantly reduce diplomatic and consular personnel in Libya;
(f) prevent the operation of all Libyan Airlines offices;
(g) deny entry or expel Libyan nationals who had been denied entry or expelled from other states for terrorist activities.

These sanctions were greatly extended by Security Council Resolution 883 (11 November 1993). The sanctions were suspended when the suspects arrived for trial in the Netherlands in April 1999 and were finally lifted in 2003 after the Libyan “acceptance of responsibility” letter and payment of compensation to the families of the victims.


  1. Dossier Lockerbie, 2016 >>> google translation, German/English:

    More important facts for the investigation 'Operation Sandwood'. Assistant Chief Constable Kate Thomson, in Scotland, must be the most crucial witness in the new Lockerbie ­ PanAm 103, investigation, "Operation Sandwood" !

    Support for a feasible CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS in the 'Operation Sandwood'; with regard to the following punishable offences:
    The two Procurators, Miriam Watson and David Harvie, Chairman at Edwin Bollier's MST-­13 timer­ fragment examination (PT­-35/b) and (DP­-31/a) in Dumfries, between 15 to 17 September 1999, must be consulted in this matter and their log book entries must be compared.

    The evidence photo series nr. 329, 334 and other productions, on the trail in Kamp van Zeist, show exact the path of the Scottish "Evidence Fraud" with an MST­-13 timer fragment (PT­-35) in the case of 'Lockerbie, PanAm 103'; in order to harm Libya, Abdelbaset al Megrahi, MEBO Ltd. and others...

    1) > Photo nr. 329, shows the alleged at Lockerbie discovered black carbonized evidence of a MST-­13 timer original fragment (PT-­35) (circled in red) along with the singed Slalom shirt and other found objects.
    Visible, on the fragment, 3 scratches and a scratched letter "M" (in German for Muster = sample). The court in Zeist confirmed that this picture shows the Original fragment – before forensic modifications ­ as found in the Lockerbie area. This picture is a crucial piece of evidence!

    The photograph was taken in the laboratory at RADE and was mid ­January 1990, after the discovery in a Slalom shirt, by expert Allen Feraday photographed.
    All backwards dated data, about the finding of the fragment (PT-­35) on 15 September 1989 and 12 May 1989, were altered and then wrong
    testified at the Court in Kamp van Zeist from Scottish official witnesses, under Oath ­ nr. 355, Expert Allen Feraday (RARDE) ­­nr. 994, Chief Inspector William Williamson, (Scottish Police) ­­ nr. 257, Det. Thomas Gilchrist, (Scottish Police).

    2)> The second photo nr. 334 enlarged, shows the original black carbonized MST-­13 timer fragment (PT-­35) is circled in red, ­ visible clear, 3 scratches and a scratched letter "M". This fragment was fabricated from a brown prototype circuit board with 8 layers of fibreglass.

    Significant: The 20 piece MST-­13 timers delivered to Libya were equipped with green Circuit Board, and were fabricated with 9 layers of fibreglass!

    A labor-photo, shows the original MST-­13 Timerfragment (PT-35) as which on April 27, 1990, in company Siemens in Germany, was polished and has been cut into two parts. The larger part was marked as (PT-­35/b) the smaller section as (DP­-31/a). On this time both pieces were still carbonized black.

    When Edwin Bollier/MEBO Ltd., assessment of both fragment parts, on 16/17 September 1999, by *Procurator Mirian Watson and David Harvie ­ *(Lockerbie Criminal Trial Team, CROWN OFFICE) - before this patchwork got a criminal manipulation, reference wise, there was an replacement of the larger, black carbonized, original part (PT-­35/b) with a green colored section under the same name (PT­-35/b).
    Witness: ACC Kate Thomson, was requested by Edwin Bollier, to confirm the various colors green an black.
    In order to involved Libya in the "Lockerbie tragedy, Pan Am 103", someone had replaced the larger, original, black carbonized part (PT-35/b) by a piece of green part with same name (PT­-35/b)!
    The whole story of the MST-­13 fragment is very complex. The creation of additional fragment copies created a tricky jumble and only a few insiders know which one is the original and genuine fragment as found in the Lockerbie area. I am convinced that all this led to an inaccurate verdict at the court in Zeist.

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. The Scottish evidence fraud with an MST-13 Timerfragment (PT-35) and the
    UN sanctions against Libya, brought the Libyan people, Arab Jamahiriya, according to former leader Gaddafi, a damage of over US$ 40 billion.

    For the non-governmental Foundation, also known as 'GIFCA' in Geneva (President: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi) a provisional payment of US$ 2.7 billion,
    to the relatives of the 270 victims, by the crash of the Pan Am 103.

    For MEBO Ltd Telecommunication in Switzerland, a damage of about US$ 53 million.
    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. webpage: