Friday 4 March 2016

Pressure piles up for independent prosecutor in Lockerbie case

This is the headline over a lengthy report by John Davison published today on the website of Exaro news agency. Today’s article can be read here. Earlier Lockerbie-related reports by Exaro can be accessed here.


  1. A detailed and well-informed piece.

  2. Hmmm. I can only echo what David Fieldhouse was saying very forcefully last week. Why isn't everyone repeating at every opportunity, "Now we know the bomb was introduced at Heathrow...."? It changes the entire dynamic. But not a syllable in that piece.

  3. No, Rolfe, quite right though. John Davison is not playing that particular ball game right now. His central interest at present is the constitutional issue presented by the Sandwood report before the Scottish Government and COPFS. Personally , I have no complaints in that regard.

    1. He is playing that general ball game though. Abu Talb, confidential report, campaigners believe Megrahi may have been wrongly convicted. Sure, but if you're going to mention that - and I don't see how you can put any of it into context without referring to the fact that the conviction is believed to be a miscarriage of justice - then why not mention the game-changer point?

      Probably because he hasn't picked up on it. And that's probably because the spokesmen who have the ear of the press aren't mentioning it.