Tuesday 22 September 2015

Jailed Libyan bombmaker 'subject of fresh Lockerbie investigation'

[This is the headline over a report published this evening on the STV News website. It reads as follows:]

One of the original suspects in the Lockerbie bombing is the subject of a renewed police investigation 26 years after the atrocity, STV News understands.
Mohammed Abouagela Masud was named in the 1999 indictment against the only man convicted of the bombing, Abdelbasset Al Megrahi, but he remained a shadowy figure and never faced charges.
A documentary made by the brother of one of the American victims has now revealed that Masud is not only still alive, but serving a ten year sentence in Libya for bomb making.
The prosecution case at the Lockerbie trial alleged the downing of Pan Am 103 was an act of state sponsored terrorism carried out by members of the Libyan intelligence service.
They claimed the Libyans smuggled a bomb onto a flight from Malta to Frankfurt. The device was then transferred onto Pan Am 103 at Heathrow before exploding in the skies over the Scottish Borders, killing 270 people.
The indictment alleged that on the day of the bombing, December 21, 1988, Megrahi had left Malta accompanied by another Libyan agent, Masud.
Richard Marquise, who investigated Lockerbie for the FBI, told STV News: "We always suspected that Masud was the technical expert who armed the device, but we could never prove it."
A three-part documentary "My Brother’s Bomber" to be broadcast on American channel PBS claims to have unearthed fresh evidence against Masud. It has been made by Ken Dornstein, whose brother David was one of the passengers on Pan Am 103.
In advance publicity about the series in The New Yorker magazine, Masud is referred to as "Abu Agila Mas'ud".
It reports that Mr Dornstein traced a former Libyan agent in Germany, who told him that Masud was still alive. It’s claimed the agent has since told American officials that Masud was involved in bombing the airliner with Megrahi.
The programme reveals that in July 2015, Masud was sentenced to a ten year prison term in Libya for making bombs.
In response to the documentary, the Crown Office would only say that it has been aware of the contents of the programme for some time.
The Crown had hoped that the collapse of Colonel Gaddafi's regime would provide fresh opportunities to investigate the bombing, which remains the biggest mass murder in British legal history. The Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland visited Libya for talks with officials and two local prosecutors were appointed to liaise with Scottish and American investigators.
Libya has since descended into violent chaos, but senior figures at the Crown insist that the Lockerbie inquiry is very much alive.
STV News understands that Masud is one of those under investigation. The Crown will not say whether it hopes to bring charges against him.
Mr Marquise said: "We always thought Masud played a role in the Lockerbie bombing and if it could be proven, I would love to see him prosecuted."
British campaigner Dr Jim Swire lost his daughter Flora on Pan Am 103. He believes Megrahi was innocent, and that the bomb started its journey at Heathrow rather than Malta, but he also suspects that Gaddafi's regime may have had some kind of involvement in the bombing.
Speaking at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday, Dr Swire said: "Anybody who tries to get out more information that might be relevant should be congratulated I think.
"The only trouble is that information from these sources needs corroborated, and that’s the hard part."


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  2. "British campaigner Dr Jim Swire lost his daughter Flora on Pan Am 103. He believes Megrahi was innocent, and that the bomb started its journey at Heathrow rather than Malta, but he also suspects that Gaddafi's regime may have had some kind of involvement in the bombing."

    Interesting. If the statement is true, on what basis would that suspicion be based?

    1. My take on this is that Jim Swire tries to compromise with those in the opposing camp to some extent. So, while he's convinced Megrahi himself is innocent, that leaves him not knowing who actually did it. We may strongly suspect the PFLP-GC did it at the behest of the Iranian government, but even if that's true, it still leaves a finite possibility that Libya also participated in some way.

      I think Jim allows for this possibility as a way to allow some dialogue with those who insist of Megrahi/Libyan guilt. To avoid rejecting their point of view comprehensively. I think. Because I don't know of any actual evidence pointing to Gaddafi's guilt.

  3. I feel deeply for Ken Dornstein. He has devoted his home and life to following what he believes to be a reliable trail to find the one(s) who killed his brother.

    Sadly he has allowed himself to be misled by some of the smoke and mirrors which imbues the Lockerbie story.

    We should recall that when Jim Swire and friends began to expose the falsity of evidence central to the conviction of Al-Megrahi, the FBI investigator Richard Marquise wrote that Jim was "wrong, wrong, wrong". The evidence was, Marquise maintained, absolutely sound and true.

    But now that the only two identification witnesses have been discredited by the discovery of huge rewards offered "if they give evidence", and the only forensic evidence - fragment PT/35(b) proved not to have come from a batch supplied to Libya by MEBO, suddenly out of the shadows emerge new characters who "made bombs" or were "in Malta" at the same time, or were seen in the background of videos discovered by the CIA etc etc. All these people prove, claims the Dornstein documentary, that Libya and Megrahi and friends were guilty.

    No. Megrahi was tried in a court of law using evidence supplied by the Scottish Crown. We should focus on that evidence and examine its truth and provenance. Let the evidence take us where it will.

  4. If Megrahi travelled back from Malta to Tripoli on 21st December 1988 in the company of Mohammed Masoud, the police investigators must have known this. It's inconceivable they didn't check the passenger list of LN147. So if it was important, why did they not introduce the fact at the trial?