Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Justice Committee and the Megrahi petition

A reminder that consideration of Justice for Megrahi’s petition calling for an independent inquiry into the Lockerbie investigation, prosecution and conviction (PE1370) forms part of agenda item 2 for the meeting of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee to be held today, Tuesday, at 10am in Holyrood Committee Room 2. The agenda and supporting documents can be accessed here. The proceedings can be followed live on Parliament TV.


  1. Dear Professor Robert Black

    SCCRC Report
    Page 152 Report by Major Lewis (appendix)

    Are you aware if this report by Major Lewis has been published?
    Would appreciate hearing from you.

    All the best
    Edwin Bollier & MEBO Ltd

    All the best


  2. I don't know, Edwin. I certainly haven't seen it.