Monday 8 September 2014

Forthcoming performance of Lockerbie play

[There is to be a performance of Lee Gershuny’s play Lockerbie: Lost Voices at the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock on 3 October 2014. The play was first performed, to considerable acclaim, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. The online advertisement for the forthcoming production reads as follows:]

Friday 3 October at 7:30pm in The Beacon Studio Theatre. Tickets £10 (Concessions £8)
Meet six hypothetical passengers on Pan Am Flight 103 on 21 December 1988 before and after the plane explodes over Lockerbie. A mother and her stepdaughter argue about the roots of injustice; a retired couple clash over family versus personal dreams; and a US intelligence agent tries to convince a Scottish journalist to risk her life for the “scoop of the century.” With humour, love and courage, they challenge each other to either accept the unacceptable or take a stand for their personal truth. After the explosion, they speak from the neutrality of death, witnessing and questioning events as they unfold on the ground.
Beacon Arts Centre | 01475 723723

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