Wednesday, 2 October 2013

John Ashton's new Lockerbie book

A reminder that John Ashton’s new book Scotland’s Shame: Why Lockerbie Still Matters, with a foreword by Dr Jim Swire, is published tomorrow. It is obtainable through the website of the publisher, Birlinn; at good bookshops; and through Amazon.


  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2013 *(google translation german/english):

    *The "real" fingernail large MST-13 timer fragment, denoted by Scottish police as "PT-35", can bring in - US$ 50 billion - for LIBYA (Libya Now) -after a potential claim against Scotland !
    Here, the reasons must lie, why a forensic investigation is delayed for years by the Scottish Justice (right delay) .... ?
    The MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35) was abused by Scottish officials, for a circumstantial process, at Kamp van Zeist (2000) for a evidence-fraud, with the deliberate intention - to bring LIBYA, with the "Pan Am 103 bombing", over Lockerbie, in responsibility !
    The way out for Scotland would be simple and positive when the "real", carbonize fragment "PT-35", would have 9 layers of fiberglass !

    The Scottish Justice must be finally the "dubious" and at the same time, crucial fragment "PT-35", from an international commission of experts with (electronics / physics experts) - in the presence of. Eng. Ulrich Lumpert and Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd.) checked forensically.
    The supposedly found of an MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35) in Lockerbie, was captured as evidence, also on a professional FBI photo, which also was delivered to the Swiss Federal Police (BUPO) ; show undoubtedly it was fabricated as a PROTOTYPE, MST-13 circuit board - and thus consists of
    8 layers of fiberglass ...
    To the 'Military Procurement' in Libya (1985/86) were supplied from MEBO Ltd., only MST-13 timer, equipped with "circuit boards", consisting of 9 layers of fiberglass!

    Dieses "reale" Fingernagel grosse MST-13 Timerfragment, bezeichnet mit Polizei Nummer "PT-35", kann für LIBYEN (LIBYA NOW) nach einer möglichen Schadens- Forderung gegen Scottland, bis US$ 50 milliarden einbringen.
    Hier muss die Begründung liegen, weswegen eine forensische Untersuchung seit Jahren von der Scottish Justice verzögert wird (Rechts Verzögerung).... ?

    Das MST-13 Timerfragment (PT-35) wurde von schottischen Offiziellen, in einem Indizien Prozess in Kamp van Zeist (2000) für einen Beweisbetrug missbraucht; mit der vorsätzlichen Absicht, LIBYEN mit dem "PanAm-103 Attentat" über Lockerbie, in Verantwortung zu bringen.

    Der Ausweg für Scotland wäre einfach und positiv, wenn das "reale" verkohlte Fragment "PT-35", tatsächlich 9 Lagen Fiberglas aufweisen würde !

    Die Scottish Justice soll endlich das "zweifelhafte" und zugleich entscheidende Fragment "PT-35", durch eine internationale Expertenkommission mit (elektronik/physik Experten) - im beisein von. Ing. Ulrich Lumpert und Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd) forensisch überprüfen lassen.

    Das angeblich in Lockerbie aufgefundene MST-13 Timerfragment, festgehalten auf einer professionellen FBI Beweisfoto, welche an die schweizerische Bundespolizei (BUPO) Anfang 1990 überliefert wurde, zeigt spezielle Merkmale, welche zweifelsohne auf ein MST-13 circuit board (Prototyp) hinweisen und somit aus
    8 Lagen Fiberglas besteht...
    An das 'Military Procurement' in Libyen wurden von MEBO Ltd., (1985/86) nur MST-13 Timer geliefert - welche mit 9 Lagen Fiberglas "CIrcuit Boards" von Fa. Thüring, bestückt waren !

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. Just ordered it, from Birlinn. Amazing how cheap books can be - less than 11 Pounds, including the international shipping.

    Maybe a result from the pressure from the net?
    Before it came I was buying books for at least many hundreds of pounds every year. Now, well, it has dropped to a few books.

    But the appetite has been awakened. I will go on and buy Marquise´s book and look forward to Dr. Morag´s.

    In the good old student-days we'd xerox the chapters needed instead.
    That was before "pirates" meant anything else than people on ships with a wooden leg and covering a missing eye.
    Then again, today time is money too - the cheapest solution is to buy the books. Damn! I met some great people at that copy machine 25 years ago, some are still friends.

    During the search for SCOTBOM I fell over the Amazon reviews. 8 are many-starred but the 9th, the last one submitted, says:

    "I think there's a huge problem with authoring the account of a yet ongoing investigation. The courts blasted this "account" out of the water. The Scottish Criminal Cases Review ruled a "miscarriage of justice on 6 counts" for Megrahi which is counter to what the author claims. Historical accuracy in publications need time to gauge repercussions and record later events which effect the entire outcome."

    Time is a problem that any publication will have.

    Marquise has always made a good impression on me (especially in the choir of people only being able to say 'The conviction was safe').
    I wonder what he really thinks now?

    And why is he not commenting on the latest issues, as he is still active?

    Not commenting on surfacing evidence can only have two explanations:
    (1) - that the evidence is on a level not worthy a comment.
    (2) - that you have a hard time defending your theory.

    As an example, the 'wrong' soldering production method on the timer fragment does absolutely not fall under (1)

    The silence is roaring.

    Dear Mr. Marquise, if you read this, please speak out.