Monday, 2 September 2013

Lockerbie and strikes against Syria

[It is interesting how many American commentators mention Lockerbie when discussing whether the United States should conduct “surgical strikes” against the Assad regime in Syria.  The following are excerpts from an article on the Capitol Hill Blue news website but it is just one amongst many:]

Syria is many things — a nation run by a despot, a country where freedom doesn’t exist and a nation that has on more than one occasion harbored our enemies — but the reason Obama wanted to use to launch a missile strike was retaliation for the nation using chemical weapons to gas its own people.

No American was harmed in the gassing of Syrians.   No American installation, ship or plane was assaulted.  While the wholesale slaughter of civilians within a nation’s own borders is despicable it is — and should remain — the business of that nation and not something that warrants military action by the United States — or any other country for that matter.

That fact that Obama even is even seriously considering such an attack is reason enough to doubt his credibility. (...)

Those who pay attention to acts and consequences also note that whenever America decides to take some unilateral — and usually unwarranted action — against a country in the Middle East, it results in serious problems down the road.  The bombing of Pan Am flight 103 and even the 9/11 terrorist attacks against America can all be traced back to the unwarranted use of American military power against a nation like Syria.

The problem, of course, is that America seldom learns from past mistakes. We made the same mistakes in Vietnam that cost the lives of American military personnel in Afghanistan.  It is a pattern that this nation, unfortunately, makes over and over.

We here at Capitol Hill Blue feel that Obama’s credibility isn’t at stake in the Syria decision because, in our opinion, he lacks credibility in the first place. If he attacks Syria, it brings serious questions more on the credibility of America — a nation that repeatedly commits hypocritical acts through its too often dangerous actions.

The English parliament [sic] rejected its own prime minister this week by turning down any involvement by that nation in an attack on Syria.

Congress should do the same thing with Obama’s incredibly outrageous plan.

Such action by a body that is supposed to be occupied by elected representatives of the people won’t restore the damaged credibility of America — but it will at least be a step in the right direction.


  1. Mission Lockerbie 2013- Was the bombing of PanAm 103, a willful false flag operation ?...

    Was the "Lockerbie-Affair" the beginning of an undeclared war against Libya about the the oil distribution - we'll see what happens ?...

    Libya had no motive, a revange, for the hit of Gadhafi's headquarters (1986), by U.S. bombs on the order of President Ronald Reagan, two years before the bombing of PanAm 103, can be excluded.

    Behind the Lockerbie Affair conceals a high-explosive and -political criminal case.
    U.N. must investigat the background of the 'Scottish Fraud' about the bombing of flight, Pan Am 103, over Lockerbie - produced by a miscarriage of Scottish Justice!
    Involved into this dirty case, are well known officials, including from Scotland and Great Britain.
    Suspiciously - therefore also BBC had to banish a crucial movie from the Internet : "The Conspiracy Files - Lockerbie". This movie is part for the truth recovery !

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. Our webpage:


  2. Since Suez, Britain has followed US foreign policy (with notable exception of Vietnam) and the US has followed a far-right Israeli foreign policy, due to the ‘neo-con and military industrial complex lobby’ influence on the US government.

    This has proved deadly because this lobby think promoting war is good for Israel and the arms trade.

    And this approach has led to a humanitarian disaster throughout the Middle-East that may yet start WWIII via Syria.

    However ironically Cameron may have halted this rush to war by asking Parliament to back a reckless US attack on Syria without UN support or any evidence to prove who used chemical weapons.

    Even our pro-war Parliament could see the madness of such a decision and voted against and without our military support the US is unlikely to act alone.

    This is because the neo-cons prefer to manipulate others to commit their crimes.

    Instead of adding fuel to the flames the US and Britain should be promoting peace negotiations to resolve conflicts throughout the region.

    Exposing the Lockerbie lies, unlike the Iraq lies, may seem irrelevant to this debate but exposing Government lies is a vital way to restore Parliament and stop the Government lying us into more wars using bogus propaganda!

  3. Just being pedantic, but you should also have a [sic] after '9/11 terrorist attacks'.