Friday 21 December 2012

The darkest of our days

[This is the headline over an item published today on the Lockerbie Truth website of Dr Jim Swire and Peter Biddulph.  It reads in part:]

Today, the 21st of December, the darkest day of our year.  

Dark for those who, twenty four years ago, lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, babes in arms in the greatest terror attack against our nation since the Second World War.

Dark for those relatives who watched at Kamp Zeist a travesty of a trial when two Libyans were accused of the great crime we know as "Lockerbie".

And dark for those Scottish police, forensic scientists, lawyers, the American FBI and Britain's MI6, all of whom were responsible for a miscarriage of British justice perhaps greater than any that had occurred before. (...)

And so the history of Lockerbie has in general revealed a deceit greater even than that contrived by the police following the Hillsborough disaster. In that case it is now known that important evidence was concealed and scores of police statements altered so as to make it appear that the many fans who were crushed were responsible for their own deaths. Thankfully the original inquest verdict which formed that view has now been overturned by an act of the British parliament, and a new inquest ordered.

And so we are drawn inevitably to the following questions:

Will the Scottish government at least consider that a Lockerbie verdict based on evidence by bribed identification witnesses and a bomb timer fragment possessing all the hallmarks of a clandestine plant might be overturned by judicial inquiry?

Will action be taken against [the Scottish police officer] who concealed from the trial and appeal judges his personal record of offers of multi-million dollar rewards to the only two identification witnesses in the Lockerbie case?

Or might a more comprehensive inquiry ask why several warnings of intended bombings prior to the Lockerbie attack were consciously ignored?

Who might now ask why a break-in at the terminal adjoining the loading areas of Pan Am and Iran Air on the night preceding the attack was discounted, the security officer's report routinely filed, and evidence given thirteen years later by that same officer, by then close to death, mocked in a court of appeal?

As this darkest of days ticks away the minutes, where does the great deceit of the Lockerbie trial now stand? And why do the British and Scottish parliaments remain silent?

[Scottish lawyers' magazine The Firm has just published an article headlined Swire: Pan Am 103 a greater deceit than Hillsborough.]

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  1. Why was it a dark day for Britain's MI6? Because of the situation in Ireland and the Eksund incident Malta was the domain of MI5 whose overwhelming objective was to disarm the IRA of the hundreds of tons of weapons supplied by Libya.

    It was a condition of the lifting of sanctions that Libya co-operate fully with the British authorities in this endevour.

    In the 1994 Dimbleby lecture Stella Rimmington claimed MI5 supported the investigation "uop to the point where the atrocity was laid at the door of Libya."
    How they supported the investigation is not within the public domain - but I suspect they used the conman Ian Spiro to name the two Libyan "culprits."

    However the indictment of Megrahi and Fhimah was not a dark day for MI5 - it was a triumph!