Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A survivor of the London bombings writes about Lockerbie

[What follows is a contribution published in The Café section of today’s edition of the Scottish Review:]

The Death of a Man

I have been privileged to meet a wonderful man, Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was killed at Lockerbie when the plane was detonated destroying so many lives. When we met we both recognised that what we had in common was not just grief brought about by terrorism but a deep-rooted compassion for the truth to be told about our situations. Mine was as a survivor of the London bombings in 2005 and even seven years (nearly) later there are still facts emerging.

So why have I titled this 'The Death of a Man'? It is because over time the facts as presented by the courts relating to Megrahi have been found to be untrue in so many ways that to dare to celebrate nationally is a true disgrace and an insult to the hearts of so many people. I would never underestimate the grief suffered in Lockerbie and London, nor do I want to add to the hurt of so many, but this man was a father and a husband and it seems so barbaric to add to the persecution unless you have all of the facts to hand.

Please hold onto the truth for it is only by truth we truly learn and improve in all that we do in our lives. Along with Dr Jim Swire I share some grief for the family left behind in Libya.

Tim Coulson MBE 
Tim Coulson came to the assistance of the dying and injured on the Edgware Road underground train

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