Thursday, 8 September 2011

Police officer identified by Bella Caledonia is not "the golfer"

[With his permission, I reproduce here an email that I received this afternoon from George Thomson:]

I follow your blog with keen interest.  Normally I remain on the sidelines which can be frustrating.  In relation to the allegation that [******] was the Golfer, I am in a position to refute that notion completely.
It was I who first approached the Golfer having been pointed in his direction by another officer.  I took the initial statements from the Golfer and was in contact with him for some time.

At our very first meeting I gave him my word that I would never reveal his identity and I have always stood by that promise. 
I think that it is fair however to break cover a wee bit in this instance and come to the recue of Mr [******].  I can state categorically that he was not the Golfer. 

[The relevant page appears now (after the appearance of this blog post) to have been removed from the Bella Caledonia website.]

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  1. I have removed a comment from Patrick Haseldine because he repeated the Bella Caledonia mis-identification of "the golfer". The person named was NOT "the golfer". The inevitable acceptance of this by the author is the reason, and the only reason, why the Bella Caledonia article was removed from its website.

    If Patrick Haseldine continues to spread ill-informed mischief, I shall enforce my previous decision to remove any comment by him as soon as I become aware of it. I am beginning seriously to regret having allowed my good nature to permit him to resume commenting on this blog.