Friday 8 October 2010

Cameron was wrong to throw himself into debate about release of Megrahi

[This is the heading over a letter from Dr Jim Swire published in today's edition of The Herald. It reads as follows:]

Almost a throwaway line in the Prime Minister’s speech to conference was the allegation that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi was “responsible” for the Lockerbie disaster (“MacAskill in the firing line over his decision to free Megrahi”, The Herald, October 7).

Maybe there are current issues so grave that attitudes to issues from the past have to be taken on the word of experienced English civil servants without question. Or perhaps the current degree of devolution, coupled to the independence of Scotland’s legal system, has sealed reality from his eyes and ears over Lockerbie.

Yet in 1989 the Conservative (Thatcher) Government handed the investigation and prosecution of the most outrageous of all terrorist attacks in the UK to Scotland. One might expect, therefore, with the current prominence of terror on the agenda, that he should carefully weigh up for himself the implications of the handling of the UK’s nearest equivalent to 9/11.

Mr Cameron relies upon the Lockerbie verdict. However, even a casual review of available material would reveal there are increasing reservations about that verdict.

Mr Cameron should be reminded that eventually the truth has a habit of coming out, and to rely on the verdict is to ignore the opinion of the UN’s observer at the trial, of an increasing number of lawyers, plus some of those bereaved by the tragedy, many people in Scotland and, last but not least, the findings of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC).

Accustomed as he is to berating the performance of his two predecessors in office, Mr Cameron might also reassess the undignified scramble by Jack Straw to overwhelm the Commons Committee on Human Rights, following Tony Blair’s “deal in the desert” in order to get the resulting prisoner transfer agreement with Colonel Gaddafi’s regime ratified in time to be available for use in stopping an appeal by Megrahi, an appeal many believed would have overturned the verdict. Fortunately, Scotland turned its back on that shady business.

Mr Cameron is well brought up and expensively educated: he will know the parable of the man who built his house upon the sand. [Note by RB: Mr Cameron and Dr Swire are both old boys of the same school.] He should ponder on it now, before taking out a mortgage to build a house which may have no foundations. The SCCRC, and an increasing number of Scottish people, are not content to accept without further review, that Megrahi was guilty as charged. Scotland needs to build its house upon rock, not the shifting mists still surrounding this sad case. Mr Cameron may come to regret his throwaway line.

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  1. Excellently put, Dr. Swire. Glad to see you on a roll again lately!

  2. Good Lord, Dr Swire's working like a Trojan!

  3. MISSION LOCKERBIE: The truth on the trace.
    doc. 872.rtf. sorry only in "Babylon English":

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron started the debate about release of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi.
    Mr Cameron say to the media, the relase of Mr Megrahi was wrong !

    MEBO say: Its statement is a hypocrisy...
    The release of innocent convicted Mr Megrahi was not wrong, but long overdue and this not because of its illness, but because of the wrong judgement in the "Lockerbie Process" detected by the SCCRCommission, as possible miscarriage of justice in 6 points. (ask justice) !

    Mr Cameron have you the courage to give a definited urgent order to Secretary of Justice MacAskill to opening the SCCRC documents as he have promised several times ?
    Only the opening of the SCCRC files and (PII, if possible)
    shows the innocence of Mr. Al Megrahi and Libya in the Lockerbie- Matter.
    Mr Cameron please your help for the "HEALING" of Scottish Justice and your urge for opening the truth.

    MEBO will not keep quiet until it is legally accepted that:

    1.) The MST-13 Timerfragment (PT/35) was a manipulation (FRAUD). see Affidavit of eng. U.Lumpert, Zurich 18th July, 2007.

    2.) The Transfer of the so called “Bomb Bag“ from Air Malta KM 180 on PanAM-103/B in Frankfort did not take place at all. It is documented with clear evidence. (FAA doc. Prod.10769 and Alert 'Duty x-ray Report' from 21st of Dec.1988, 16.25hour, Prod.10769)

    3.) The alleged clothes bought in the store of Toni Gauci could only have taken place on the 23rd November 1988 and not as stated on the 7th December. There are clear facts and figures to confirm this.

    4.) That the visit of Mr. Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi, alias "Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad" between 20 and 21st December 1988 in Malta had nothing to do with the Pan Am 103 bombing.

    5.) That the PanAm 103 tragedy as „MISSION AMSTERDAM", was used as a conspiracy against the Libyan Leader Gaddafi.

    6.) That through my „Mission Lockerbie“it will be confirmed that Libya and Mr. Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi had nothing to do with the Lockerbie tragedy.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland

  4. Indeed bensix. He has never stopped.

  5. What a totally fabulous letter it is.