Sunday 5 September 2010

“How Do I Plead? You Tell Me…”

This is the heading over a recent post on the Back Towards The Locus blog by bensix, an occasional commentator on my own blog. It is an entertaining dissection of some of the recent shoddy journalism on the Megrahi case. It can be read here.


  1. Thank you.

    *Is touched*

  2. Excellent piece Bensix.

  3. Thanks, Jo.

  4. May I draw this blog's illuminati to Libyan PM Shukri Ghanem's interview on the BBC R4 Today programme (a Libyan PM is a relative low life in the regime there), whom John Humphrys memorably asked as an opener "Has your country given up terrorism?", to which the poor chap was reduced to spluttering "it depends what you mean by terrorism".

    I remember it well as the day before I had be interviewed by the same Mr H, on the terrorism of UT-772, and its clear attribution to Libya. Unusually after my interview as I was coming out of another studio having done a bit for the old World Service (down the line, as we old hands at BH say) Mr H was waiting to shake my hand.

    All part of the service I thought, No so, said a friend ex-editor on the prog. "He never does that". There's something up. And there was - the astounding interview with dear old Shukri. Just thought I'd get my anecdote it.

    I am sorry to say that I found said interview with SG astoundingly funny, as most Governments do when faced with a shit served so to speak up on a silver plate for them to chew over.