Thursday 20 November 2008

New Lockerbie blog

A warm welcome is extended to a new blog entitled The Masonic Verses - Lockerbie and Related Scams. Its first post was on 14 November 2008 and takes the form of a critique of the evidence relating to insertion on Pan Am 103 of the suitcase containing the bomb, concluding that it was inserted at Heathrow and was not an interline bag from Malta via Frankfurt. Baz, the blog administrator, informs me that he will be doing one post a week.


  1. A doubtful anniversary

    Seventeen years ago, on November 14, 1991 the US of Justice and the Crown Office in Scotland accused two Libyan Officials for murder of the 270 victims of the PanAm 103 disaster !

    On January 31, 2001, Mr Abdelbaset al Megrahi was convicted of murder by a panel of three Scottish judges and sentenced to 27 years in prison. The second accused Mr. Lamin Khalifah Fhimah was acquitted.

    Megrahi's appeal against his conviction was refused on March 14, 2002. On September 23, 2003 Megrahi applied to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) for his conviction to be reviewed, and on 28 June 2007 the SCCRC announced its decision to refer the case to the High Court in Edinburgh after it found he may have suffered a miscarriage of justice.

    Mr Abdelbaset al Megrahi's unfortunate destiny was to become Lockerbie victim no. 271 as a political hostage, because the PanAm 103 assassination attempt was used for a conspiracy against Libya.

    Coincidentally and shortly before the 20th anniversary of the tragedy it has been confirmed that only 3 passengers had each 3 luggage items loaded on PanAm flight PA-103/A at Frankfurt airport on Dezember 21, 1988. (Corresponding with the passenger/luggage list, C-140V and FAG KIK TADD 881221 computer printout).

    Thus it is proven that 3 inter-line bags, unknown and unaccompanied, were transported by Lufthansa flight LH-631 from Kuwait and were additionally loaded at Frankfurt on the feeder flight PanAm PA-103/A to London/Heathrow airport!

    Until today remains unexplained to whom these 3 luggage items belonged and whether they were loaded on flight PanAm 103 from London to New York?

    MEBO EXAMINATION. Important:
    From the 124 passengers at Frankfurt who checked in for flight PA-103/A, only 3 passenger had each 3 luggage items, according to the passenger list C140V.

    MEBO cover-up:
    1.>Passenger no.143, T. Walker, actually traveled with his 3 luggage items (3M) with the same flight LH-631 from Kuwait to Frankfurt. Around 15:57 clock at the transit checking counter in Frankfurt airport, Mr. Walker checked in with his 3 luggage items as tray No. B-7056, B-9531,

    2.> Passenger no. 99, K. Noonan had 3 luggage items (3 M): tray No. B-3546, B-10773, B-10467. These luggage items were forwarded over the inter-line counter No. 203;

    3.> Passenger no. 152, J. Waido checked in 3 luggage items (3 M) at the Head Checking Counter in Frankfurt: Tray No. B-3593, B-4120, B-11511.

    Thus it is absolutely clear that the additional 3 inter-line luggage items (trays no. B-4809, B-6001, B-7418 coded over the inter-line counter HM-3) from flight LH-631 arrival from Kuwait and then transfered to flight PA-103/A don't belong to passenger T. Walker as the BKA supposed falsely ! An irresponsible mistake due to the BKA's sloppy investigations.

    RESULT: On the feeder flight PA-103/A from Frankfurt to London-Heathrow not one Samsonite suitcase - the alleged bomb suitcase, from AirMalta, flight KM-180 to PanAm flight PA-103/A - was loaded, but 3 unknown and unaccompanied luggage items from Lufthansa, flight LH-631 from Kuwait, ex tray no. B-4809, B-6001, B-7418!

    It is not clear up today whether this mysterious baggage items were loaded in London-Heathrow on the mainflight, PA-103 to NewYork (JFK). Commissioner Hans Jürgen Fuhl (Crown Witness no. 566) from the German Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau (BKA) testified at Camp van Zeist: "in Heathrow documents were destroyed"…

    Summary of the original testimony of Commissioner Hans Jürgen Fuhl from BKA (Crown Witness 566):

    Other organisations who were investigating the bombing had taken some of the documentation before the BKA could get their hands on it. Fuhl also testified that PanAm had apparently instructed staff at Heathrow to destroy documentation.
    (Ref. Doc.1 Chapter 13 page 38)

    The scottish provocation:
    We are neither pessimistic nor optimistic about Megrahi's appeal, but we are determined to reveal the Scottish miscarriage of justice with our exonerating evidence and thus help to rehabilitate Libya and give Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi his honour back.

    We will prove that Libya and Mr Al Megrahi had absolutely nothing to do with the PanAm 103 bombing !

    A revised judgement in favour of Libya and its official Mr. Megrahi will rise Libya's international reputation and the prestige of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Saif el Islam and make the international community aware of the unjust UN-embargo against Libya and its people.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland

  2. Totally 3 luggage items (2+1) planned for that far transport, were never loaded onto PanAm Main flight PA-103.
    1 unaccompanied on-line luggage item, a brown Samsonite suit-case with rush tags, of PanAm copilot John Hubbard, was never loaded onto PA-103.

    2 inter-line luggage items of Daniel O'Connor (A State department official) were never loaded onto PA-103.

    All 3 bags were found after the atrack on PA-103 into the baggage room at airport Heathrow...

    Questions: How could the load list of the Boing 747, PA-103 be correct, if 3 luggage items were missing?

    Were the 3 luggage items in Heathrow exchanged with the mysterious 3 luggage items from flight LH-631/PA-103/A from Kuwait to Frankfurt to Heathrow, with the 3 luggage items of Daniel O' Connor (2M) and John Hubbard (1M)?
    Had therefore in Heathrow the documents of the PanAm-103 to be destroyed?

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd, Switzerland