Thursday, 21 November 2013

Some pertinent questions for the Scottish Government

[What follows is the text of a letter sent and emailed to the First Minister, Alex Salmond, on 19 November by barrister and author David Wolchover:]

The destruction of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie

You may have been made aware of some of my writings on Lockerbie, earlier correspondence with the Government of Scotland on the topic, and of the fact that last week I posted on my website a new and much expanded revision of my treatise, Culprits of Lockerbie (

Re-launch of the treatise was reported in an article by Lucy Adams in The Herald on 13 November, 2013 (“Iranian president accused of insight into Lockerbie attack” – for some reason, as Robert Black QC points out in his Lockerbie blog, the newspaper has not posted the article on line, despite its prominence in the paper edition).

As you are doubtless aware the treatise was considered newsworthy because I included the results of my recent researches and analysis inferentially demonstrating the high probability that the Scots-educated President Hassan Rouhani of Iran was complicit in procuring the atrocity with the then Interior Minister Hojatoislam Ali Akbar Mohtashemi. This was also the theme of a recent feature I contributed to the widely read weekly newspaper Jewish News (“The grim Lockerbie shadow over Iran’s new president,” 31.1013, the-grim-lockerbie-shadow-over-irans-new-president/).

I am not writing with any hope of eliciting comment from you on this admittedly thorny topic. Were that to be the case I should not be surprised if the result were any different from Lucy Adams’s attempt to obtain a comment from President Rouhani’s office: ie no response. Rather I am writing for a very specific reason.

Lucy asked the Crown Office to comment and in her piece she reported their spokesman’s response:

“The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and Police Scotland are actively working with US law enforcement in pursuit of lines of inquiry to bring to justice the others involved in the Lockerbie bombing. This is a live investigation and in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation it would not be appropriate to offer further comment.”

The thrust of the response was predictable enough but, unless and until Scotland attains independence, I believe that, as a UK taxpayer, I am entitled to ask of you, as Head of the Government of Scotland, the following questions:
  • How many officers of the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary or any other Scottish police force or department are there currently assigned to work on the case and how many are actually working on it?
  • Of what rank and speciality are they?
  • Whether the officers are working on it full-time or in addition to other duties?
  • What budget has been set aside for the investigation?
  • What has been the expenditure on foreign travel in connection with their inquiries, or telephone calls over the last 12 months?
  • Has there been any material progress in uncovering substantive new evidence?
  • If there has been no recent relevant evidence uncovered, why are there officers still assigned to, and more importantly working on, the case?
  • What is the current Crown Office budget vis a vis Lockerbie inquiries?

If there has been no progress despite significant expenditure I believe I am entitled to know why British tax payer’s money is being devoted to an investigation which is going nowhere.

That might be a matter of relevance in the current constitutional debate.

A substantive reply to the above questions would be appreciated.

For the convenience of your staff I am enclosing/attaching a copy of The Herald article.


  1. On page 37 of this "treatise", writing about the ESDA tests on Dr Hayes notes Mr Wolchover wrote "what obviously happened was that Hayes removed page 51 from the pad and wrote up the note on the findings of PT/35b elsewhere" (and replaced the page). But why then does the imprint of page 50 appear on page 51?

  2. Mr. Wolchover likes writing better than he likes reading. Or thinking.

  3. While I hadn't the energy to trawl through this densely argued treatise I was curious about the above point. Mr Walchover appears to have noted my previous criticisms of "Culprits of Lockerbie - Gaddafi or the Extremists of Palestine" and dropped a couple of his more absued claims )i.e. Thurman fronted up at Tundergarth on the night of the incident and Gaddafi renounced terrorism in order to support Arafat's capitulation to the Zionist entity!" Unfortunately he has now taken up other fraudulent claims.

    The Herald item is headed "Iranian President Accused of Insight Into Lockerbie bombing" an insight likely shared by everyman and his dog in Tehran (and presumably many others in the West). Zionist propaganda?

    And a spellcheck note - Charles McKee was a victim of Lockerbie. McGee is a character in NCIS!