Friday, 22 November 2013

Analysis of the evidence and what was missed or hidden and why

Dr Morag Kerr’s book Adequately Explained by Stupidity?
Lockerbie, Luggage and Lies will be available to buy on, or very shortly after, 10 December. Why not order it today from your bookshop or through the publisher’s website?

‘A remarkable piece of work, comprehensive in its analysis of the evidence and what was missed or hidden and why,’ says James Robertson.

‘I have had the immense privilege of proofing aspects of this book. It is, without question, nothing less than a work of genius. Amongst many other features studied, it conclusively demonstrates, via a highly detailed and scholarly analysis of the evidence relating to the luggage carried in the hold of Pan Am 103, how horrifically bungled the Lockerbie investigation was. Its implications are truly shocking. It is high time that executive powers in Scotland were brought to bear on the Police, Crown Office and forensic officials responsible for this outrageous scandal,’ says Justice for Megrahi’s secretary, Robert Forrester.

‘I have had the privilege of reading the typescript of this book. The evidence painstakingly uncovered and meticulously analysed by Dr Kerr leaves absolutely no room for doubt that the bomb suitcase was already on the Pan Am luggage container AVE 4041 before the feeder flight from Frankfurt arrived at Heathrow. The prosecution scenario (surprisingly swallowed by the trial court) of the bomb being in an unaccompanied bag sent from Malta via Frankfurt to Heathrow is utterly destroyed. Whoever was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am 103, Morag Kerr has conclusively demonstrated that it was not Abdelbaset al-Megrahi,’ say I.


  1. MISSION LIFE WITH LOCKERBIE, 2013 -- Go on ground to new facts...

    Congratulations to Ms. Dr. Morag Kerr (alias cat Rolfe) to your Creation - "Adequately Explained by Stupidity"? (Lockerbie, Luggage and Lies).

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Telecommunication, Switzerland. Webpage:

  2. Thank you Edwin. You may want to read it, though....

  3. I hope to get my hands on a copy immediately on release and I'd urge all readers to put it on their Christmas stocking list.

    I've been fortunate to get to know Morag over recent years – and a mutual susceptibility for coffee and cake.. - as she probed and dissected the evidence and witness statements known, and unknown, around the pertinent areas of the Lockerbie investigation.

    Undoubtedly however, it was Morag’s unerring ability in examining the baggage pertaining to AVE4041, and notably the baggage loaded at Heathrow, which comprehensively demonstrates the introduction of the bomb bag occurred at Heathrow, and thus lays waste to the official narrative, and ultimately the conviction of Mr Megrahi.

    This book deserves wide recognition and will doubtless provide further impetus in the JFM’s efforts to find some justice for the late Mr Megrahi and his family. And perhaps only then, eventually, will the actual culprits be sought and we might hope that all those who suffered with the tragedy of Pan Am 103 will also get, at last, some truth and justice.

  4. Hi Eddie. As I recall, there was quite a lot of pizza involved as well....

    There is someone else who played a seminal role in this, and you'll know who I mean from the JREF thread. For professional reasons he doesn't want to be identified, but it was his interest in the appearance of the Frankfurt transfer luggage surrounding the explosion that really caused some pennies to drop with a resounding thud. He figured out there was something important about the Schauble case and demanded I get a picture of it. I only realised what he was on about when I saw the picture. I can't thank him as I would like to (in big fluorescent type).

    You yourself were the one who showed me the picture of the McKee case which triggered the whole "three-dimensional-jigsaw" train of thought. I simply hadn't realised until then that it would be so OBVIOUS. That picture was discussed so often by the people fixated on the "hole cut" annotation. How could they not have realised (from Bedford's evidence) that it was sitting in just that position behind the bomb suitcase - and that the damage was clearly right at the bottom?

    I'm depressed that this may have come too late. Six or seven years ago, any claim questioning Megrahi's guilt was eagerly taken up by the media and propagated. Even some quite silly claims. Now, though, nobody seems to be interested. I wish this was 2003 and not 2013. I wish it had been part of the original SCCRC submission. But sadly, it wasn't.

    There's some irony here. Lots of people trawling through the forensic evidence looking for tampering or fabrication. (Me included, I admit.) Multiple submissions that various items of Maltese clothing were tampered with. The bits of the radio and the manual pored over to figure out whether someone was pulling a fast one. Not to mention PT/35b. All speculative.

    Then it turns out that the recovered suitcases completely torpedo the Crown case as they stand, without any question of jiggery-pokery. In fact, the utter absence of jiggery-pokery in that department is one of the strongest pointers to the whole thing possibly being no more than weapons-grade incompetence.

    This isn't speculative, it's definite. It doesn't just cast doubt, it proves the Bedford case was the bomb. But it seems to be past its sell-by date.

  5. "Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides."

  6. I cannot recall any claim questioning Megrahi's guilt being eagerly taken up by the media. As Rolfe states the Heathrow origin was not part of the original SCCRC submission.

    I made no submission to the SCCRC as I regarded this as I regarded this as part of a Legal process and Megrahi picked his representatives.

    As Rolfe intimates the "Heathrow origin" is really quite simple and perhaps does not require a detailed analysis of the position of the luggage. It is useful but the argument is quite simple. It was in the public domain in 1991 in two paragraphs of Leppard's book. I read the book in 1993 but the penny did not drop until June 1996. My objective was a proper investigation but I was in a Captain Rum situation - "I say it is - everybody else says it isn't!"

    I do recall Rolfe used to slag me off for focusing repeatedly on the same simple point repeatedly without delving into the details of evidence (as she did!)

    Bedford saw a brown Samsonite in AVE4041, the Police never established who put it there, it was never linked to an Interline passenger and never recovered. Ergo it was the primary suitcase. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but the Police set off in the wrong direction.

    I am sure Ms Kerr's book will be excellent but nothing has been achieved yet and the official response to her work will be utterly predictable - 3 Judges, 5 appeal Judges, a matter for the Courts, it is a matter for the SCCRC ect.ect. I therefore thought it prudent to point out that contrary to the JfM position the SCCRC's Statement of Reasons was deeply flawed.

    As a final point - in view of recent developments Ms Kerr's book is going to come across as a nicely timed piece of Zionist propaganda!

  7. Baz

    “A nicely timed piece of Zionist propaganda”!

    That will be promoted as an excuse to inflict more genocide in the Middle-East despite being another flight of fancy.

  8. Baz, I'm not a manuscript.

    I slagged you off for constantly repeating the same form of words, rather than trying to explain your point in different language. Or elaborating on it.

    The press were practically wetting themselves over the whole PIIC document thing, among other things. In 2007 (SCCRC press release) and early 2009 (beginning of second appeal) you couldn't turn on the radio without some journo asking what the Crown was trying to hide.

  9. Must have been getting a lot more publicity North of the Border! All we got down here was Private Eye and little they came up with ever panned out!

    I don't think I called Rolfe a manuscript. I am really looking forward to the book - let us see if anyone does promote it as vindication of Mr Netanyahu's position.