Monday, 29 October 2012

Not safe for family

[The URLs from which visitors arrive on this blog leave a trace. Following one of these traces recently (not something that I normally do) I came across the Domain Sigma website's report on this blog.  It reads as follows:] is None and located on the IP According to our analysis, it is visited by 269 visitors daily. It holds an alexa rank of 495,902 and has a pagerank of 5. The website is in English and its content might not be safe for family (could be adult). No malware was detected on the website.

[I do not pretend to know what this means, but I am delighted to discover that the blog's content could be adult and not safe for family.]


  1. Hah! I heard about a birdwatching enthusiast who was distressed that his web site was blacklisted as pornography. Apparently his text was tripping all sorts of language warning signs!

  2. I suspect ‘might not be safe for family’ means ‘might not be safe for family viewing’ or adult content not suitable for children.

    Probably because the Domain Sigma search detected words like ‘bomb’!

    However ‘not safe for the Establishment’ would be appropriate.

  3. I came to think of a Monty Python record that starts with the speaker saying something like: "Be forewarned that this record contains words like..." and then goes on to mention a handful of rather naughty/weird words.
    He goes on saying "However, as the words only appeared in this introduction you are past them now!"

    Actually, a warning would be highly appropriate for this website.

    I can testify that reading the content can lead to anger, frustration, depression, fear, irritation and loss of faith in mankind.