Sunday, 28 October 2012

How Colonel Gaddafi and the Western establishment created a pantomime world

This is the heading over a long article by Adam Curtis posted on his blog The Medium and the Message on the BBC website on 21 October. It provides a fascinating account of how perceptions of Colonel Gaddafi were built up over the years in the western media. There is much interesting material on Lockerbie, particularly in Chapters Three and Four.


  1. This was quite interesting and very well presented. I am not too sure what point Mr Curtis was trying to make. It probably went over my head.

    There was a little bit of dodgy chronology "in June 1991 the British and American governments formally announced that Libya had been behind the bombing."

    He is full of praise for the Trotskyist Paul Foot's pamphlet "Flight from Justice" which was actually published a decade later than Mr Curtis implies while he also denouncing the Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party as paid agents of Libya!

    The article was worth reading just to see the photograph of the stunningly gorgeous Dolores Kane
    (formerly David Shayler!) She is my new screensaver!

  2. Never mind screensaver Baz, I think its Specsavers you need! ; )