Monday, 9 July 2012

US channel broadcasts Aljazeera Lockerbie film

Aljazeera's 2011 documentary Lockerbie: The Pan Am Bomber? is being broadcast this week by Cambridge, Massachusetts, television station Cambridge Community Television (channel 8). The next showing is on Tuesday 10 July at 1pm EDT (5 hours behind BST).  Please note that this is not the latest February 2012 Aljazeera documentary Lockerbie: Case Closed.


  1. Professor Black:

    Seriously? The Cambridge Community TV channel?!?

    Channel 8 is allocated by cable companies in the USA (if not in use for an over-the-air station) for their "public service orientation" programming -- usually goofy, loco-local programming like stupid pet tricks and featurettes (that resemble filmstrips that were shown on snow days when school outdoor recess was canceled) and/or city council meetings. Their audience(s) usually rank in the dozens to a few hundred if there is particularly contentious meeting of the city council.

    Cambridge may be the home of Harvard, but even that is on its own, separate CCTV system.

    You'd get a bigger audience showing it at the local pub. Or just yelling out your window.

    You'd be better off trying to get it on WGBH in Boston (one of the PBS stations).

    Michael Clarkson

  2. Michael Clarkson’s post may be right about the Cambridge Community Television viewing figures, but does this matter because The Lockerbie Case is advertising to its viewers where ‘Lockerbie: The Pan Am Bomber?’ can be viewed.

    And even if CCT is an acorn Chanel, it is here where an independent audience (including the host) can be reached with real news about important issues.

    The internet and community stations are wonderful tools that put information in the hands of the people, which is why the State wants their freedoms curtailed.