Friday, 20 July 2012

Swissair 330, Pan Am 103 and Marwan Khreesat

I am grateful to Edwin Bollier for drawing my attention to an article headed Den Bombenbauer ignorierten sie ("They ignored the bomb maker") in the 4 July 2012 edition of the Swiss newspaper Beobachter. The article discloses (with supporting documentation) that, as early as May 1989, Lockerbie investigators linked both the 1970 Swissair tragedy and the Lockerbie disaster to bombs made by the PFLP-GC's Marwan Khreesat. 

Wikipedia, citing Steven Emerson and Brian Duffy, The Fall of Pan Am 103: Inside the Lockerbie Investigation (1990) ISBN 0-399-13521-9, states:  "Indeed, Scottish police actually wrote up an arrest warrant for Marwan Khreesat in the spring of 1989, but were persuaded by the FBI not to issue it because of his value as an intelligence source."

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  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2012, doc. nr.8153.rtf. (google translation, german/english):

    The „Lockerbie Affair“ is the work of misinformation and reverse engineering that went wrong. As the case is still open in United Kingdom, the authorities will sooner or later accept the fact that the "Evidence Fraud" around the Timer and the "Toshiba" Radiorecorder is real and not fiction or just another weird conspiracy theory.

    4 steps which lead to the „Lockerbie Affair“.

    Step 1: It became uncomfortable for a „grey eminence group“ that Gaddafi successfully built a rising economy in Libya, mainly based on the rich oil reserves of the country. Libya was in the strong position to control all
    aspects of their oil business and fixed the conditions. The „grey eminence group“ was determined to get Gaddafi out and their target was a change of regime. The winner would then control the business under their own terms…

    Step 2: After a misterious attack on a Boeing 747 (PanAm flight 103) over Lockerbie, experts from the „security branche“ organized specific fragments from an explosive device (IED) in order to lead the responsibility for the
    desaster directly to the Libyan regime.

    Step 3: With a crucial fragment (PT/35) of an MST-13 timer, of which 20 were delivered by MEBO Ltd (1985) three years before the "Pan Am 103 bombing" to the Libyan military - and fragments (AG/145) of a radiorecorder
    brand "Toshiba" which was sold in Libya - the Libyan regime was
    intentionally entangled in the Lockerbie tragedy!The MST-13 timer fragment
    PT/35 was not descended from a timer supplied to Libya (prototype)...

    Step 4: Thanks to unprofessional manipulated evidence, Libya (now NTC of Libya) and Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, can definitely not be blamed for the „PanAm 103 bombing“. Also Mebo Ltd must be cleared from the unfair and damaging allegations.

    Thank GOD – that on June 22nd, 1989, ex-engineer Ulrich Lumpert (Mebo
    Ltd) did not hand over a green Thüring MST-13 circuit board (9 layers of fiberglass). Instead he gave a brown prototype circuit board with 8 layers of fiberglass to an official oft the Swiss Federal Police (BUPO).
    This will turn out to become the key for the truth!

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication, Switzerland. URL: