Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dr Jim Swire on Radio Scotland's "Sunday Morning with..."

One of the guests on tomorrow's edition of the BBC Radio Scotland programme Sunday Morning with... (07.05 to 09.00) is Dr Jim Swire. The advertisement for the programme contains the following:

"This Sunday morning Cathy [Macdonald]'s special guest is Dr Jim Swire. His later life has been defined by the death of his daughter Flora in the Lockerbie bombing, but this morning Cathy also discovers Jim's deep love of the Isle of Skye where he grew up, as well as his connection with one of Scotland's greatest heroines." 

The programme is now available on the BBC iPlayer.  The interview with Dr Swire starts 10 minutes into the programme.

1 comment:

  1. It's Sunday morning, Professor. The only way I'll be awake is if I forget to turn my clock radio alarm off.

    Once it's on iPlayer, you might give us a link....