Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A different take on Gaddafi's murder

[This is the headline over an article by Mike Carey published today in The Drum Opinion section of the Australian ABC News website. It reads in part:]

Mine is a conservative workplace and that's why I was surprised to hear Luke as he looked up at the TV monitor, "Don't people realise what's going on here, Europe and the US have just come in and taken over."

He was joined by a petite blond, "I think he should have been tried at the International Criminal Court" in The Hague. They both turned away as the worst excesses of Moamar Gaddafi's final humiliation and execution were shown around the country. If there had been a warning, I didn't see it!

We needed to be warned about the sadistic triumphalism that was to follow the gruesome death. "Wow!" said Hilary Clinton, hardly able to suppress a smile. British prime minister David Cameron said in many words what the Sun newspaper encapsulated in its headline, 'That's for Lockerbie'. Except the evidence for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie killing 270 people, right from the start, has pointed away from Abdelbasset Ali al-Megrahi and Libya to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command in the service of Iran. British human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce devoted a chapter of her book, Dispatches From The Dark Side, to explaining why and how Megrahi was framed. A few brief examples: the Maltese shopkeeper, Tony Gauci, from whom the clothes which were wrapped around the bomb were bought, initially identified the purchaser but he was a Palestinian not al-Megrahi. German authorities arrested the Palestinian bomb makers but inexplicably released them. Evidence was tampered with or deliberately kept from the court and US authorities had written reports which claimed Iran was responsible but those too were suppressed. Tony Gauci was given a $2 million reward for his evidence and a new identity and life here in Australia.

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