Saturday, 13 November 2010

Dispatches from the Dark Side

[What follows is a short review of Gareth Peirce's Dispatches from the Dark Side (Verso, £9.99) by Steven Poole in The Guardian.]

When is a "miscarriage" of justice really a perversion of it? The answer is clear enough in the most compelling essay here, on the Lockerbie bombing, justifiably entitled "The Framing of al-Megrahi". Other subjects include British complicity in "rendition" and torture overseas; the indefinite "detention" without trial (or, as Peirce calls it, "internment") of British citizens after 9/11; and the American mania for imposing solitary confinement, both before trial and in its "SuperMax" prisons, which she argues persuasively is at least blatantly vindictive and probably constitutes torture.

Along the way there are illuminating detours into terminological history (Peirce is very good on the way "defence of the realm" became "national security"), and a consistent seething contempt for governmental mendacity and secrecy. Despite some occasionally opaque syntax (one often ends up reading a sentence twice in a dour hunt for the main verb), the writing has an attractive steeliness.



    The Pan Am 103 investigator Richard Marquise visits was a reaction and attacke against the powerful campaign for a new inquiry in the case of PanAm 103...

    Ex FBI Special Agent Richard Marquise, Task For chief and cordinator, between FBI and CIA in the "Lockerbie-Affair", came at Syracuse University with its Lies story "SCOTBOM" to attack the truth facts in the case of the real Lockerbie-Tragedy ! Marquise have showed pictures of the evidence police found scattered across Lockerbie, Scotland, after the Dec. 21, 1988 bombing...

    I have expected in the same seminar, Richard Marquise will in its lecture, show the documentary *film Lockerbie Revisited of Gideon Levy ?
    Probably Mr Marquise with the true facts wants not to confront
    itself ?
    * "Lockerbie Revisited" is a Backlight documentary by Gideon Levy which shows that FBI, CIA and Scottish police have cooperated in tampering with evidence...

    Perhaps Al Megrahi is indeed innocent. Lockerbie Revisited has won the Prix d'Europe for best documentary in the category current affairs.

    Please watch now the full documentary film "Lockerbie revisited" by Regisseur Gideon Levy, shown to Scottish members of Parliament about important facts concerning the conspiracy against Libya.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland
    our webpage:

    der Raub vom Al Megrahi's Gerechtigkeit:

    Um Gottes Willen, wieso versucht die Scottish Justiciary mit allen Mitteln, ein wahrscheinliches "Miscarriage of Justice", in 6 Punkten (laut Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission 'SCCRC') in den Wind zu schlagen ?

    Eine Begründung liegt sicher darin, dass keinenfalls die Kooperation in Manipulation von Beweisen u.a. der 7 "Aufrechten" Officials: Thomas Gilchrist, Thomas McColm, Cal Mentoso (phonetic), Derek Henderson, Dr. Tom Hayes, Allan Feraday and Ron McManus aufgedeckt wird ?

    Man stelle sich daraus die Konsequenzen und das negative Prestice für United Kingdom vor, wenn ein "Miscarriage of Justice" zu Gunsten Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya, durch das neue Appeal rechtsgültig bestätigt worden wäre, oder jetzt durch eine neue Untersuchung (Justice for Al Megrahi) bestätigt würde ?

    Nicht zu vergessen, Leader Gaddafi verkündete an einem Volkskongress 1999, dass Libya durch das UN Embargo einen Schaden von US$ 35 Milliarden zu beklagen hatte, im weiteren den Absturz eines Flugzeuges der Libyen Arab Airlines und deren Opfer etc.
    Zur Erinnerung: Seit April 1992, das Libysche Volk hatte 7 lange Jahre unter dem UN Embargo gelitten ! (nach Menschenrecht benachteiligt)!

    Sorry, only a computer "Babylon translation" in german/english language.
    The robbery of Al Megrahi's Justice :

    Around God will, why the Scottish Justiciary with all means tries, a probable "Miscarriage of Justice", in 6 points (according to Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission 'SCCRC') to strike into the wind?

    A reason lies reliably in the fact that in no case the co-operation in tampering with evidence u.o. of the 7 Officials, Thomas Gilchrist, Thomas McColm, Cal Mentoso (phonetic), Derek Henderson, Dr. Tom Hayes, Allan Feraday and Ron McManus get uncover ?

    One imagines from it the consequences and the negative Prestice for United Kingdom, if a Miscarriage of Justice had been legally confirmed to favour Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya by the new Appeal, or now by a new investigation (Justice for Al Megrahi) one confirmed ?

    Not to forgotten, Leader Gaddafi announced at a congress of people 1999 that Libya by the UN embargo to had to deplore a damage from US$ 35 billion, in the further crash of an airplane Libya Arab airlines and their victims etc.

    To the memory: Since April 1992, the people of Libya have suffered, deprieved of their human rights, as the UN-sanctions were put in effect throughout 7 long years. Since August 1998 the sanctions have been suspended !

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd.,Switzerland.