Monday, 11 July 2011

Not so fast, Mr President! How Obama got it (all) wrong on Libya and how to fix it

[This is the headline over an article by Susan Lindauer published today on The Intel Hub and various other websites. The section headed The Lockerbie bombing reads as follows:]

Gadhaffi haters like to throw out Lockerbie to remind Europeans and Americans of Libya’s dark past long ago. In March 1999, after 7 years of UN sanctions, Gadhaffi’s government handed over two Libyans for Trial in the bombing of Pan Am 103, which exploded over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. Regardless, Gadhaffi fiercely denied any involvement in the Lockerbie conspiracy.

As with so many other terrorist cases, appearances of Libya’s guilt prove deceiving. Two star witnesses against Libya have now recanted their testimony, and confessed to receiving $4 million dollar payments each from the US and Britain. It’s an ugly stain on the International Criminal Court. [RB: The court that convicted Megrahi (and acquitted Lamin Fhimah) was a Scottish court, albeit sitting in the Netherlands.]

The good news for truth seekers is that last week the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee moved to launch a new inquiry into the Lockerbie case. Christine Grahame said: “There are so many conspiracy theories around now that I think it’s time that we had a clean, clear look at the role of Scottish justice in this.

The issue is not whether Libya, or any other country, was guilty. The issue is, was Abdelbaset al-Megrahi rightly convicted, and we have not heard the answer to that yet.”

That decision should be strongly applauded by everyone who champions integrity in government oversight. If American leaders would show the same concern for reexamining 9/11, it would go a long way to restoring confidence in our government.

In fact, there’s a lot of fresh leads for a Scottish inquiry to pursue. The Justice Committee could start by opening the deposition of my own CIA handler, Dr Richard Fuisz, sworn under oath in the US District Court of Virginia, in the closing days of the Lockerbie Trial. It’s got some eye popping information, for sure.

At my very first meeting with Dr Fuisz in September, 1994 — and throughout our years together — he gave me the real skinny on Lockerbie. Dr Fuisz swore that Pan Am 103 was a false flag operation to hide a rogue CIA team’s involvement in heroin trafficking out of the Bekaa Valley during the Terry Anderson hostage crisis in Lebanon.

Dr Fuisz explained that when Defense Intelligence officer, Maj Charles Dennis McKee and CIA officer, Matthew Gannon, stationed in Beirut, complained that a double agent was compromising efforts to rescue the hostages, the CIA and FBI sent a team to Lebanon for a fact-finding investigation.

Investigators were flying back to Washington on Pan Am 103 with evidence exposing the heroin ring when a bomb exploded on the plane. Intriguingly, shortly before, the State Department issued an internal travel warning to US Embassies that Pan Am 103 would be targeted for bombing on that day, and everybody should get off the plane.

The sudden exodus of government personnel freed up seats for students from Syracuse University, flying home stand by for the Christmas Holidays. The college students died.

Dr Fuisz frequently swore that he could identify every terrorist involved in the attack. Because he is such high ranking CIA operative, he has been forbidden from speaking publicly about his role in events leading up to the bombing. Throughout the 1990s, he was repeatedly threatened with 10 years in prison if he broke his silence.

Imagine then the herculean effort on my part to force the CIA to permit Dr Fuisz to give closed door testimony in front of Judge White in Virginia. In the process of speaking out myself, I made a lot of enemies at the Justice Department, who proved they had a long memory during my 5 year indictment on the Patriot Act.

My desire to call Lockerbie attorney, Edward MacKechnie as my chief witness to prove my relationship with Dr Fuisz and my standing as an Intelligence Asset played a significant role in why the Justice Department fought my demand for a Trial.

A Trial would have reopened questions about the Lockerbie conviction and Libya’s guilt. It also would have exposed the CIA’s continued role in heroin trafficking to finance black ops through the 1990s.

The CIA was fighting to protect itself. When my efforts succeeded in forcing the CIA to allow the deposition to go forward, the CIA stipulated that Dr. Fuisz’s deposition must be sealed in the United States, so that Americans would have zero knowledge that his testimony existed or what it contained.

True to his word, inside the deposition, there’s a double seal that contains a list of 11 names of the Lockerbie conspirators and a map outlining the conspiracy.

It would be supremely valuable for the Scottish Justice Committee to open that double seal and review the full deposition. At that point, a decision could be made whether Dr Fuisz should be subpoenaed again to answer further questions.

However already there’s a substantial body of evidence that has never been viewed by Scottish Judges at all.

If Scottish families want justice in Lockerbie, that’s the best way forward. As for the rest, there’s nothing to fear. Gadhaffi’s arm does not reach into Europe. He’s got no ties to terrorism whatsoever.

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  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. nr.3013.rtf.

    Wird ISRAEL, zusammen mit Frankreich, dem Libyschem Volk zum Frieden und zu einer demokratisch gewählten Regierung verhelfen ?

    Seif El Islam, Sohn des Leader Gadhafi, lässt in der Not für das Libysche Volk seine früheren guten Beziehungen mit Freunden, wie z.B. Baron Rothschild, Baron Peter Mandelson und andere wichtige Persönlichkeiten spielen.

    Bereits wurde eine Libysche Delegation letzte Woche nach einem Besuch in Frankreich, von opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima) zu Erfolgs versprechenden Gesprächen, in ISRAEL empfangen.

    Schon in den Jahren 2006 and 2007 wurden durch Inspiration von Seif El Islam, zwischen LIBYA und ISRAEL zukünftige Kontakte aufgebaut um ehemals, aus Libyen vertriebenen Juden, welche von ISRAEL aufgenommen wurden, ihre beschlagnhmten Werte zu compensieren und eine Rückreise nach Libyen zu garantieren.

    Die "Sterne" stehen auf Erfolg, somit kann das bedrohte Libysche Volk" hoffen, dass der "angezettelte" Bürgerkrieg und das "NATO-Bombing" zum Ende kommt!

    In diesem Kontext könnte von ISRAEL erwartet werden, dass sich ISRAEL ebenfalls im "Lockerbie Fall" dafür einsetzt, dass endlich die geheimgehaltenen Dokumente der Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission (SCCRC) in Scotland veröffentlicht werden; und Mr Al Megrahi und Libyen nach einem "Miscarriage of Justic" entlastet werden...

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL: