Saturday, 4 June 2011

Message from Saif al-Islam

From: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi

My name is Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, the son of the present president of Libya. I am contacting you for an urgent assistance.

As you can read and see in the media, my family is presently undergoing tough time in the hand of the masses due to his long stay in power as the president of Libya for over 40 years now. Although there is no way you can satisfy human being, my father has done so many things to better the life of our people unfortunately they never appreciated his effort instead it resulted in calling my family bad names.

The International community has reached a resolution for immediate seizure of our assets both in US and the UK which the have already done and many other sanctions but it can’t affect our financial statue in the world. But as you can not predict tomorrow the say that is while I decided to reach you for this assistant hoping it will be top secret and you should avoid the media.

I want to request your humble assistance to receive a total sum of €22m.

I will not give you details of the fund now because of security reasons but just have in mind that the fund exit in one of the African countries.

You will receive this fund directly and keep it safe or invest it in any business of yours till this saga is over then I will get back to you on how the fund or profit will be shared. By the special grace of Allah nothing will happen to me.

If you are ready and will keep it top secret and avoid the media contact this email address ( the details of where the fund exit and how it will be transferred will be made known to you through this email.

I know you may have little fear on you but it is risk free.

I know you will be in hurry to reply me but due to what my family is facing now and security reasons I will not be responding!!!!!!!.

All you need to do is to contact my representative with the email given to you and tell him that you received an email from Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and that you are willing to receive the fund.

Assalamu 'alaikum
Saif Al Islam Gaddafi

[I am terribly surprised and disappointed that Saif is offering considerably less than Moussa Koussa.]


  1. Interesting that they both see you as someone who will do a hooky deal.

  2. Ah well, as was said of the patron saint of lawyers:

    Sanctus Yvus erat Brito/ Advocatus sed non latro/ Res miranda populo.

    St Ives of old, a Breton lief/ A lawyer was, yet not a thief/ A thing well-nigh beyond belief.


    WARNING !!!
    The Message from an alias "Saif Al Islam" is also a criminal "bull dung" !
    Behind the published e-mail address: >< is not from real "Saif El Islam"...
    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland, URL:

  4. St Ives: the patron saint of lawyers?

    As I was going to St Ives I met a man with seven wives,
    Each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats,
    Each cat had seven kits: kits, cats, sacks and wives,
    How many were going to St Ives?

    OK, Robert, what's your QC fee for answering this conundrum?

  5. Prof B, remind me not to EVER send you a begging letter! ; )

  6. This might have a double purpose denigrating the regime as Afro-centric - perfect people to be sending the Nigerian fortune messages... a nice follow-on the the "African mercenaries" schtick that got a couple hundred black Libyans brutally lynched in the first days of "protest."

  7. As if we don't all get this crap... Why would you, in all your alleged "intellectul glory"

    think you're something special, in that YOU should need to re-post this blather (amongst other posts, not notedhere) that we all recive, but that is relegated to the trash bin... Really. REALLY? Pr. Black you are reaching for material on you blog. REALLY. Trash bin blog indeed.

  8. typp correction, last sentence: you are reaching for material on YOUR blog. Not "you blog". But then again... you blog, you blog..all in the same. I gather you get the point. Unless ou want to dicusss detail further. Particularly those details noted in the link above. Those pesky details.

  9. @Bunntamas

    Once you were debating here, and very well so too. Now you are like a child, finding anything to critize and shouting accusations out of any context.

    Alright, then. I understand that RB have gotten some travel expenses sponsored by somebody who had interests in a certain outcome.

    "But yesterday he admitted that companies with commercial interests in the country helped fund trips to meet the dictator’s officials and that the Libyan government may even have paid his hotel bills."

    In the journalist's wording RB "admitted" that.

    "The businessmen, whom Black refuses to name, believed there was a better chance of sanctions being removed and trade relations with Libya being resumed if an impasse over how to deal with the Libyan Lockerbie suspects was resolved."

    Makes a lot of sense to me. So they sponsor some travel expenses. Big deal.

    Is the idea now, that if we are to trust RB in this matter he must take all the money out of his own pocket? Does anyone think that you come to have man-to-man talks with a state leader, and you still pay your own hotel bill? And take a taxi from the airport?

    How about the witnesses and judges at the Zeist trial itself? Did they all pay for their own plane tickets, food and hotel rooms? Well, otherwise we could not trust them?

    I don't get it. Enlighten me, if you can.

    It is only when the travel becomes overly luxurious and/or with unusually valuable gifts (or money) involved that there could be reason to frown. This was not argued by the article.

    RB can from my point of view use any sponsor he wants for travelling. Libya's, Scotland's, Israel's or UK's government, a consortium of businesses or a collection started by relatives of victims or donated by Jim Swire's rich uncle in America, should he have one.

    It is a non-story. Only usable for someone searching hard for anything that could be interpreted by superficial minds as mud. Know anyone?

    But OK, at least I now suppose I don't have to ask you what you think about witnesses that receives millions of dollars into their bank accounts.


  10. well, if you've got a couple of million just kicking around, any chance o' a tenner?

  11. its a fraud:

    heres another: suppposedly from Aisha gadaffi!

    these are 'nigerian' style scams

  12. iam good is also here:

    down the bottom:


    From: Raziki Moudila <
    Dear Friend.

    Greetings to you and your family, I am the manager of bill and exchange in THE BANK , i have a business of 5.5 Million United State Dollars to be transfer to your account for investment in your country , if you are ready to assist me get back to me, i will give you full details on how the fund will be transfer to you.