Sunday, 5 June 2011

Megrahi in Skype contact with Scottish social workers

[The following is taken from a report just published on the News of the World website:]

Scots social workers are having weekly video chats with the Lockerbie bomber on Skype, we can reveal.

Mass murderer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is using the internet system to stay in touch with council staff as part of his release conditions.

The East Renfrewshire team get updates on his condition and make sure he is still at his home in Tripoli, Libya, by monitoring his computer's IP address. (...)

Since [his repatriation] he's been with his family in the Libyan capital - but sources say he's living in fear as the country's civil war rages.

[An] insider added: "Megrahi is terrified but he can't set foot outside Libya as he fears he'd be arrested. He has to stay home as part of his release conditions.

"It doesn't matter how bad things get there - he has to stay put."

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesman confirmed the video link last night. He said: "We are in direct contact with Mr Megrahi."


  1. I have expressed concerns since the Libya business started about Megrahi's position. I have even wondered if he should be called back here til we know what is going to happen, ultimately, in Libya.

    It is no secret that the US would just love to get their hands on him and threats have already been made that they should actually go after him and take him back there despite the fact that he is still Scotland's prisoner and is out on licence. If the US did take him would Cameron object? I don't think so personally.

  2. I know it's only a piece for NOTW readers and not wishing to initiate a conspiracy, but it's technically simple to use an IP proxy to spoof the IP address in Tripoli to fool Skype (and his East Renfrewshire social workers) about his location - Megrahi could be hiding elsewhere for his safety, since he must know that sooner or later his physical address will feature on the nightly targets list.
    Solution: He should also take out a super-injunction at the UK Supreme Court to stop MacAskill revealing his address to the Mericans. According to ECHR Articles 2 & 8 his rights are being infringed. (jesting - btw)

  3. Surely the US was a secret partner in the machinations that took place during Megrahi's release, the whole objective of which, was most certainly to avoid the exposure of US complicity in the framing of Libya and Megrahi. The US government of course must play to its audience.

  4. US complicity in the framing of Libya and Megrahi is fully exposed here.