Monday, 11 April 2011

A message from Susan Lindauer

[The following message was posted yesterday on Facebook by Susan Lindauer.]

The current situation creates an unexpected opportunity for the Pan Am 103 families to demand that the Scottish courts review the sealed deposition of Dr Richard Fuisz, in the closing days of the Lockerbie trial. The deposition was given in the US Federal Court of Alexandria, Virginia in January, 2001, and sworn before Judge White. Curiously, the deposition was sealed in the US and could only be read overseas, putting it out of reach to the US families concerned with Lockerbie. However, within the sealed portion of the deposition is a Double Seal. Attorneys for Butera & Andrews in Washington were prohibited from advising Edward MacKechnie [RB: solicitor for Fhimah during the Zeist trial and later solicitor for Megrahi] about its contents. However, as Dr Fuisz's former asset of many years, I have privileged access to know what that contains: a list of 11 names of the individuals involved in the attack, and the map laying out their conspiracy.

By gathering together now, while attention's hot on this Libyan defector, [Moussa] Koussa, we can force the issue, and compel the Scottish courts to examine the double seal.

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    In addition please see and hear what my mutual Facebook friend, Susan Lindauer, has to say about David Cameron's war on Libya.
    Video: Oil War Crimes: 'Libya pays for embarrassing US' :

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  2. If true, this story says it all about the Scottish pursuit of justice.

  3. How come this Libyan traitor's wife and family are still alive after his cowardly act of self-preservation?


    Musa Kusa is playing Qadafi's role-play against the West to the max.

    Ebol adds nothing new to the story that he hasn't spammed many, many times already.

    Ebol, give it a rest, pal.

  4. It's far more likely that Musa Kusa is still Gadaffi's man.

  5. Interesting theory Ruth and one I raised when he first arrived. I speculated that he was perhaps here with Gaddafi's approval.

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