Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Herald wins newspaper of the year award

The Herald was named Newspaper of the Year during a night of success for Herald & Times Group at the prestigious Scottish Press Awards last night.

Chief reporter Lucy Adams won Journalist of the Year and Reporter of the Year ...

Ms Adams’s double success is recognition for the way she led the story of the Scottish Government’s controversial decision to release cancer-stricken Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, on compassionate grounds so that he could return home to Libya in August.

She was the first UK journalist to interview Megrahi at his home in Tripoli. Under the headline "Truth never dies", Lucy reported his demands for a far-reaching public inquiry into the atrocity and his 10-year fight with the Scottish legal system to clear his name.

Donald Martin, editor-in-chief of Herald & Times Group and chair of the Scottish Newspaper Society’s Editors’ Committee, said: "(...) I am really delighted for our winners tonight, and nominees. It’s testimony to their talent, hard work and dedication. At the end of the day it’s quality that counts and, across all three titles, we have that in abundance.”

He added that Lucy “thoroughly deserves” her awards.

He said: “Lucy is a fantastic journalist, a real asset who impresses everyone she meets and works with. I am so pleased for her.”

[From a report posted on Friday on the heraldscotland website. Lucy Adams's Lockerbie stories (some of the most important ones written with Ian Ferguson) can be read here.]


  1. Hat's off to Lucy Adams. May I quote on this occasion from the book of Duggan
    "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. How did you get to be 'Chief Reporter?'."

  2. I rather wonder about that. She has failed to get in touch with me, when I've invited her.

    As for Mr Duggan, I leave him to his fantasies. He has actually accused me of being anti-American, a crime I believe in nobody's book but the late Senator McCarthy. And look what happened to hom.