Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Libyan Interior Minister calls for formation of "legal-political" team to defend Libya in Lockerbie case

[What follows is the English language text of a report published today in Arabic on the website of the Libya 24 television station:]

The Minister of the Interior of the Interim Government, Ibrahim Bushnaf, called for the formation of a legal and political team with knowledge of the law and international relations to defend Libya, after voices rose in the United States of America to reopen the Lockerbie case file.

Bushnaf explained that the aim of reopening the case is to seize Libyan resources, considering that the issue is urgent and must be worked on quickly away from political positions.

He pointed out that the issue was settled politically in the past, and Libya at the time endured the actions of its subordinates on the civil side, indicating that the current request wants to drag Libya into political responsibility, saying: “Falling into this slope will make Libya more permissible than it is now.” [RB: Google Translate renders this quote as "This slippage will make Libya more oppressive than it is now."]

He indicated that criminal responsibility will result in political responsibility, and thus future generations will be shackled to their burdens, pointing out that Libya has suffered from the ravages of the siege because of this issue.

Monday was the 32nd anniversary of the bombing of the American plane in 1988, over the village of Lockerbie, Scotland, when it was on a flight from London to New York, which killed 270 people, and Libya was accused at the time of masterminding the incident.

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  1. As the first trials and the appeal rules are ignored another trial is warranted.

    However, it will end quickly as it is a process beyond redemption.

    Plus we will all die of old age first