Friday, 1 May 2020

"The evidence is pointing to crimes more egregious than just a cover-up"

Purely by chance I today discovered an article by Ali Adair headlined William Barr: How many crimes did he commit as the ‘Cover-up General’ for Presidents since the 1980s? that was published on the Keep It Simple News website on 14 February 2020. The article contains a long and detailed section on the Lockerbie bombing and the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi. It is a welcome addition to the (short but distinguished) list of commentaries by American writers that recognise the weakness of the official US and UK account of the Pan Am 103 tragedy, and is well worth a read. 


  1. Barr spoke at the 911 commission on Dec 8th 2003 in a closed door Senate hearing. He worked at Verizon at the time and had no first hand knowledge of anything 911. I talked to the deputy head of the 911 commission off camera. The people who tipped off camera on 911 talked in the hallway. The politically connected talked ON camera in the closed door hearing. Amazing how they knew I had the info and your lockerbie trial made deals excluded them. Victims were banned from the Senate hearings. Mueller ended up clearing Bin Laden and made a big Wade of money visiting Libya on retirement on lockerbie. James Comey of the FBI got appointed to the board of HSBC which harassed the hell out of me. I am harassed in scotland while they block the same of my flat in Bridge of Allan. If the plane crashed In London, do you really think you would talking about decades later? Do you think a witness of the defense would be begging for help?

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  3. Both the US and UK did the cover up worse than libya. Libya was given terms that if they brought up Iran directly, the sanctions would stay. It was easy to point to Iran directly but if they did, they are finished. The fact they convicted one guy related to Malta which the court threw out (like you directly hand a bomb like a 1950s movie - in which paid him 3 Million and an mi5 guy and I laughed) convicted him. The Libya were afraid of me as I would humiliate the US government and sanctions would stay. The Libyans were willing to pay the 3 billion as a tax as they were no angels and wanted a reset on sanctions. Everyone knew but money for in the way. Ironically, the old government will turn over their files for the piece of their frozen assets

  4. If the old Libya regime turned over their files and verified Iran did it ending the torment, would the US and UK unfreeze the Libyan frozen assets? Or just steal the money anyway. Would Iran move their money out? That act will shine light on the cover up. It is always money in the end.