Friday, 5 October 2018

Compensation could be sought for Megrahi's imprisonment

[What follows is excerpted from a report headlined Lockerbie Convict's Family Demands Acquittal Following New Evidence in Case that was published today on the website of the Saudi-owned Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat:]

The family of Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset al-Megrahi demanded compensation for the period he spent in prison after new claims emerged that Iran may have been behind the 1988 downing of the US airplane in Lockerbie. [RB: (a) These are not new claims, but have been common currency for very many years; (b) the only evidence at the Zeist trial that Megrahi was an intelligence officer came from the CIA asset Majid Giaka whose testimony, except on this one point, was dismissed by the judges as utterly incredible.]

The Daily Mail published excerpts of a book by US author Douglas Boyd where he charged that Iran was behind the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. (...)

[Megrahi] was released from jail in 2009 on compassionate grounds after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He died in 2012.

Lawyer Ghada Abdelbaset al-Megrahi demanded on behalf of her family compensation for each hour her father spent in British prisons.

Ahmad Hamza, of Libya's National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR), said Boyd's book may have leaked facts and information that acquit Libya’s former regime and condemn Iran. [RB: The articles that have so far appeared have produced no new facts or information. Whether the book itself does so will be seen only once it is published later this month.]

He told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Iranian regime adopts policies and practices that target the safety and stability of the West, United States and Arab countries. 

He said that the Libyan authorities can seek compensation from the international judiciary for the damage caused to the country over the Lockerbie case.

The official authorities in Libya had yet to comment on Boyd’s allegations, but many political and judicial circles have been demanding that the truth be revealed in the case.


  1. I was on the witness list and,traded,away,TWICE as I pointed to Iran

    I also know the WHY as my wifes family is Hessaby who helps run Iran

    1-the,Shahs,family was the largest shareholder of PamAn and,got a massice settlement on the bombing
    2-the wife of the guy,who,made the,timer was Iranian
    3 the DIA,said it was Iran in 1989-and they lost 2 agents,on the plane
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  2. I'm still surprised that nobody is citing the proof that the bomb went on board at Heathrow as the reason Megrahi might be entitled to compensation. The crime happened about half past four in the afternoon at Heathrow. Megrahi was 1,500 miles away at the time. But nobody seems to pick up on that at all.

  3. It is the American Sanctions that are exposing the Iranian North Sea contracts.

    You should dwell on the cover up and the incentives the UK government had to cover up for Iran.

    You will be more popular saying the SCOTS should have those contract to get the Lockerbie investigation redone

    99 percent of Scots do not know these facts