Friday, 27 April 2018

Shame about the way relatives of Lockerbie dead have been treated

[What follows is the text of a letter from Dr Jim Swire that was published in The Herald on 24 April:]

I have no right to a special opinion about the appalling anxiety caused to some members of the “Windrush people”, though some are friends of mine and I can only hang my head in shame at this thoughtless treatment of such a group where so many have made major lifetime contributions to our society. However I also feel shame about the way relatives of the Lockerbie dead have been treated by aspects of Scottish behaviour.

There has been momentous opposition to our quest simply for the truth as to who murdered our families that dreadful night. The ensuing supposedly Scotland-led criminal investigation was overrun initially by American investigators at the crash site. But who ordered the destruction of the notebooks kept by so many non-US-based but dedicated searchers and what was the motive for doing so?

When Scotland does finally decide that action must be taken to re-examine the Megrahi verdict, the process is likely to be severely hampered by the absence of those notebooks.

Who ordered their destruction and why? It was a monstrously unwise decision, from deep within a huge international criminal inquiry, almost on a par with the decision by Scotland’s High Court that we UK relatives have no locus to request a further appeal against the Zeist verdict. I have met a number of searchers who are most unhappy as to how their findings have been treated: they are left without a key route to verify their concerns.


  1. Dr Swire & Professor Black I’m so sorry to hear about the missing/destroyed notebooks. Our FBI destroys so much data that could help victims of some many crimes heal & i frequently talk to ppl and tell them i’m trying to accept the fact that not knowing things is my only option. The memories i have of my meeting with the Palistinian money launderer who processed the Iranian money 20+ years ago will haunt me till the day i die. In May i’m Traveling to Lockerbie to place some flower on the memorial for that will be my closure. I’ve accepted my fight for the truth must end because i’ve Ignore ppl that i love who are lining with my obsession. This year is my last at lobbying members of Congress to ask for answers to questions.

    Good News!!! In America ppl are now approaching me (over 5 years after I reached out to them) with the passing of Frand Duggan som ppl in the CIA think it’s time for some truth. In the past ppl in America who wanted “facts” about the Lockerbie Bombing were bullied. My own Uncle Bill Frisbie who was Pan Am’s Chief Pilot did some of that. I still love my uncle and was told that he was threatened if he ever did or say anything that didn’t follow the “official narrative”.

    Again my heart goes out to all victims.

    God Bless America, the UK & the innocent ppl whose lives were destroyed by evil, greed or clueless ppl.

    Sharyn Bovat

  2. Forgot to say May “2019” that i’m Visiting Scotland and yes i know some of the words in my letter are misspelled I’m dyslexic. A professional writer has volunteered to help me verbalize the issues on a new blog, it’ was relayed to me ppl dismissed me because of my grammar. I’m inarticulate because of a disability BUT ppl who looked beyond that have told me I’ve proven to be honest.... too bad the mainstream media who let false facts flourish cared more about grammar that reporting what really happened:(:(