Sunday, 4 March 2018

Lockerbie payout plea over Gaddafi 'blood millions' sitting untouched in US banks for 10 years

[This is the headline over a report in today’s edition of the Sunday Mail, following on from an item posted on this blog on 7 February 2018. It reads in part:]

Hundreds of millions of pounds of Colonel Gaddafi’s Lockerbie blood money is sitting in the
US government’s accounts a decade after it was paid out.
The Libyan dictator paid more than £1billion in 2008 for the families of American victims of
the atrocity and other terrorist attacks.
But up to a third of the cash is still to be distributed by the US government 10 years later.
Lockerbie campaigner Dr Jim Swire said some of the money could be spent on a new inquiry
into the bombing.
Other relatives suggested the cash be paid to Gaddafi’s victims in Libya.
Dr Swire, whose 23-year-old daughter Flora was a passenger on the plane, believes that
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was innocent of the terrorist attack.
He said: “The block of a complete review of the Megrahi evidence to date since 2001
demands both explanation and redress.
“To challenge this impasse would be an excellent use of the money, if only the US authorities
were prepared to consider for one moment that justice was not served at the Camp Zeist
He added: “We are not asking people to believe us. We are asking people to re-examine the
evidence. And if that was done, I’m sure there would soon be no doubt the verdict against
Megrahi should have never been brought in.” (...)
Two years after Megrahi’s conviction, Libya paid £2billion to the families of the Lockerbie
The United Nations later lifted the sanctions imposed on Libya, enabling the country to
exploit its vast oil reserves.
In 2008, a further £1billion was paid to settle outstanding claims from American families of
victims of Lockerbie and other Libyan state-sponsored terrorism.
They claimed the bombing had led to the demise of the airline, costing them their jobs,
health insurance and pensions.
Pamela Dix, whose brother Peter was one of the passengers on Pan Am Flight 103, suggested
some of the remaining cash could go to Gaddafi’s victims in Libya.
Pamela, of Woking, Surrey, said: “What the Americans do with the rest of the money is a big
question and they clearly don’t want to answer it.
“Perhaps they should give it back to Libya. State-sponsored terrorism in Libya was rife for
years. Gaddafi killed a lot of his own people.
“There is a very good argument for saying it should help make reparations in Libya.
“What would be wrong would be the money just sitting there. There should be an open and
transparent discussion about what should be done with it.”
A US State Department official said: “Most of the $1.5billion (£1.1billion) received from
Libya through the settlement has been paid out to eligible claimants.
“Shortly after the settlement was received, the State Department paid amounts to the Pan
Am 103 victims, LaBelle Disco bombing victims and estates of victims who had died in other
terrorist attacks that were the subject of litigation pending against Libya in US courts. These
payments amounted to over $1billion (£726million).
“The State Department also made three referrals of claims to the Foreign Claims Commission
for adjudication.
On January 15, 2009, the Department referred various other categories of claims of US victims.
“All of those claims were adjudicated by the Commission and awards were paid in full.”
Other payments from Gaddafi’s cash include £27million to victims or their families of the
massacre at Lod airport near Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1972 and the Rome airport attack in 1985.
The US Treasury refused to respond to enquiries about how much compensation cash is left.


  1. This money is entirely separate and distinct from the compensation paid to the families of those who died on board Pan Am 103 and on the ground in Lockerbie. That compensation fund has been paid over in full.

  2. The US is never going to pay for a re-examination of the evidence, because AG/145 was planted by Tom Thurman at Longtown and PT/35b by Rick Hahn at Dextar in mid January 1989. Why do you think mr. Feraday initially came to the conclusion that a white radio was used to conceal the bomb? Because the thing they blew up to produce AG/145 was a white Toshiba RT-8016 and they were so stupid not to remove every piece of white plastic.

  3. On Lockerbie, the Iranians are now drilling in the North Sea. My wife's cousin helped create the NIOC (Mahmood Hessaby - see wikipedia)

    from the Wikipedia National Iranian Oil Company
    '..... Iran owns 50% of the offshore gas field of Rhum in the North Sea, which is Britain's largest untapped gas field. It is a joint-venture with BP worth ...'

    Funny, the Scot can't get oil contracts there. They were told for the past 30 years there is only 5 years left of oil there. True for the Scots; not for Iran.


    Barry Lanza 60 16 255 4688