Friday, 29 December 2017

Release of government Lockerbie file blocked

[What follows is excerpted from a report published in today’s edition of
the Daily Record:]

Scores of historic government files have been published – but dozens more dealing
with sensitive issues are being kept secret.

Records held back from the traditional release of files to the media deal with topics
including Europe, devolution and the Lockerbie bombing. (...)

In all, around 190 of the 490 files scheduled for release from the Prime Minister’s
office have been retained by the Government.

Also held back were records which referred to devolution and one marked
“Lockerbie bombing: Pan Am air crash part 3a”. (...)

A Cabinet Office spokesman denied files were being deliberately withheld to prevent
media scrutiny.

He said: “We have to ensure all files are properly reviewed and prepared before
they are transferred, so they do not harm national security or our relations with
other countries or disclose sensitive personal data of living individuals.”

1 comment:

  1. The Lockerbie history is littered with documents and events which the British government covered up. Either to prevent a fair trial of the two Libyan accused, or prevent publication by the media.

    There were at least five such close-downs of information during the 1991 Lockerbie Fatal Accident Inquiry, and several at a later stage, including a letter from the King of Jordan to PM John Major, which indicated that Iran and a Palestinian group were responsible for the bombing. The letter eventually leaked out, but it is still officially subject to a press gag.

    These events were - and still are - all to protect the corrupting intelligence connections between the US, the UK and other nations. Any kind of murder or crime counts for nothing when "national security" is involved.

    So do not expect anything from Whitehall. Nothing will be disclosed in 2018 which might embarrass the government or MI6, or the CIA and its sub-contractors.