Monday, 25 September 2017

Editorial policy change

For just over three years now I have each day posted on this blog an item from the long history of the Lockerbie case, as well as noting any current developments, such as the progress of Justice for Megrahi’s petition in the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee and the state of play in Police Scotland’s Operation Sandwood investigation. Some readers have found the historical posts tiresome and, after three years, it has become increasingly difficult to find in the archives items that I have not previously resurrected. Therefore, on the occasion of my departure from Edinburgh for the wilds of the Roggeveld Karoo, I have decided that in future I shall normally post only items of current news, though I may continue to mark particularly significant anniversaries. Any reader who needs a daily Lockerbie fix can consult the blog’s entries for an equivalent day of the month between 1 August 2014 and 25 September 2017.


  1. Let's hope there will soon be a period with a great deal of current news, and that it's good news.

  2. So, it is time to say 'Thank You, Robert' for the countless interesting historical postings over time.

    BTW, always with a clear indication on the very top when it was from. So for those who might find reading old matters 'tiresome' there was a quite obvious solution!

    - - -

    If postings will be less frequent, people will also check in less frequently, and so are likely to miss out on important news.

    So please note, that there is an option on Blogspot where you can allow people to "subscribe" to your blog *by email*. (Your current option 'Subscribe in a reader', in the bottom of the rightmost column, is unlikely serve the need equally well)

    It is a short and easy operation:

    In the old day you would have picked up hundreds or even thousands of subscribers quickly, but times and habits have changed. Anyone who picks up more than a handful pr. month is probably a rock star.