Monday, 10 April 2017

An easy target required as some kind of scapegoat

How do you kill 290 innocent people: men, women, including 66 children?

And how do you get a medal for bravery in action against America's imagined enemies?

July 1988.  This is how you do it.  See the maps, the paranoia, the stupidity. America called it an unfortunate mistake. Yet they gave the captain a medal for bravery in action against an enemy.

This was the reason for the December 1988 Lockerbie bombing, which killed 290 innocent people.  At least, that's what CIA classified reports said for almost two years.

After that, America needed Syrian and Iranian support in the 1991 Gulf war. So an easy target was required as some kind of scapegoat. Those CIA reports were quietly shelved, and in November 1991, out of the blue, came evidence against Libya. (...)

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