Monday, 20 February 2017

A preventable disaster

[I am grateful to the Rev’d John Mosey, whose daughter Helga died on Pan Am 103, for allowing me to reproduce here a piece written by him a few nights ago:]

Thoughts in the night

Regarding the “Lockerbie” atrocity, there has been no full and independent inquiry into all relevant matters before and after the event. This has resulted in a situation where not all of the three major parties with obvious responsibilities in the matter have been thoroughly examined and made answerable regarding their behaviour.

The Airline, PanAm, have, to some extent, faced examination and paid for its wretched security with a pay out under the Montreal Convention and subsequently with its very existence.

The perceived perpetrator, Libya, has been brought to court, tried and has paid out considerable compensation to the relatives of the dead and their lawyers and to the world through violent sanctions imposed on the nation.

The third party with serious responsibilities is a composite body which is mainly composed of the two governments and their agencies who had a duty of care towards their citizens. I refer to the USA and the UK and the agencies they employ for protection from those who would harm us. This party, or any part of it, has not been thoroughly investigated regarding the executing of its responsibilities in this matter nor been charged with making any reparation at all.

Considering that there were at least fourteen clear warnings in the weeks and months running up to the disaster including a photograph of the bomb which our Department of Transport sent to Heath Row security in the Christmas post (It arrived after the event!) and a phone call on the 5th December to the US embassy in Helsinki saying that there would be a bomb in a Toshiba radio cassette player on a PanAm flight between Frankfurt and New York and giving a time window of two weeks which only ended the day before the 21st December should not these two governments be held to account for the way they handled such valuable information?

This was, in the words of Sherif Principal John S Mowat QC who led the Fatal Accident Inquiry, “a preventable disaster”. If this is true should not those who had the information and the ability to prevent it but did absolutely nothing, except to warn some of their embassy staff, be chargeable? They should, at least, be subject to a full and independent inquiry and, if found guilty, be required to pay considerable compensation. Such funds could well finance any legal assistance given.

“Lockerbie” happened either because the relevant authorities failed to take their responsibilities seriously or because they conspired to deliberately let it happen. In either case should they not be brought to some sort of justice and required to pay for their crime? . . . . But it isn’t going to happen, is it!

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  1. The Rev. Mosey has hit the nail on the head when he says they conspired to deliberately let it happen. Of course they did. They could not afford to allow the whistle blowers travelling on that plane to out their lucrative drug smuggling activities. They had enough problems with Barry Seal (CIA)who was shot in the head before he could give evidence to a grand jury about the CIA's drug smuggling and with MaKee and party about to do the same they had to be silenced and if that meant everybody else on the plane thats tough.They will just frame somebody for the bombing. Its so easy when you have their connections and authority. Are they going to pay for their crime and the people who conspired with them in Government and the various agencies. Again the Rev Mosey has hit the nail on the head when he said it isn't going to happen, is it. Of course not. We are the "Good" guys remember.And of course it would not be in the "national interest" if the truth were ever to come out hence no inquiry.