Saturday, 17 December 2016

Police close in on Lockerbie killers

On this date in 1989 an article by David Leppard and Nick Rufford headlined 'Police close in on Lockerbie killers' was published in The Sunday Times. It asserted that police officers leading the investigation had informed foreign counterparts that under Scottish law ‘charges are now possible against certain persons’. Who were these chargeable suspects? The persons named, and whose photographs appeared in the article, included not one single Libyan.

The article does not now appear to be available online. However, a brief account of its contents can be found here.

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  1. All most interesting, but it entered the Lockerbie cauldron only to be stirred by history. Or was it all smoke and mirrors? The reality is the evidence at trial. Tainted paid witnesses, a timer fragment of unknown origin, perjury or gross negligence by a forensic witness - the man was not guilty as charged, simple as that.