Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Justice for Megrahi petition kept open by Justice Committee

At its meeting held this morning the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee, now under the convenership of Margaret Mitchell MSP (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), unanimously agreed to keep Justice for Megrahi’s petition (PE1370) open. The proceedings in the committee can be viewed here, with the consideration of PE1370 commencing 1 hour 31 minutes in.

The Official Report (Hansard) of the proceedings is now available here.


  1. We do, did, went and done it again! If any of youse out there have some notion as to what JFM might stand for once we have produced the goods (other than Jaded and Frustrated Males etc) please feel free to volunteer your notions right now. It is my understanding that 1370 might be the longest open petition before the JC. For that, we owe the membership of the JC considerable gratitude.

    1. A greater debt of gratitude is owed to the JFM people for keeping this going all this time Quince and for not giving up.

      It's good news for now though. I was very worried about the make up of the new Justice Committee. The loss of Christine Grahame as convener is a sore one. The new convener, Margaret Mitchell, has previously shown her wish to see the petition kicked into touch. I'm glad John Finnie is still around.

    2. What, has Guje Borjesson's petition been closed?

  2. So closing it before the finalization of the delayed Sandwood activities was not an option.
    "Of course not" you´d think - but in this case "of course" is not an expression that applies well to any scotch authorities - so, yes, great and thank you to your JC.