Tuesday, 12 April 2016

"It is not us who did that"

[An article published yesterday on the Inquisitr website included a quotation about Lockerbie from Colonel Gaddafi that I was unfamiliar with. It comes from a November 2009 interview carried on the Turkish National Turk website. The exchange reads as follows:]

Q: I know that the Lockerbie case has come to a legal end, but there are people in the United States who would still say, in 2003, Libya accepted responsibility for its officials but it would be wonderful if it was a heartfelt expression of remorse and an apology for what happened. That might help thaw the ice.
A: It was always said that it is not us who did that and they don’t accept the fact that they have a responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing. And all the nonaligned nations used to support the Libyan claim. But we go through the resolutions adopted by … more than 150 countries, both of the resolutions of the Arab League, all of the resolutions adopted by the African Union, all of the organizations … conflict resolutions.
But of course, Americans, Libyans, the whole world express sympathy or regret over such tragedies. No one would be happy over such tragedies, no one would welcome such a tragedy, indeed, of course. Do the American people feel happy, are the American people happy over the killing of the Libyan citizens in 1986? And is the world happy about the Gaza massacre? By the same token none of us are happy over the tragedy of Lockerbie. Up to now, if you visit the house that was bombed in the American raid, you will find a picture of my daughter, a picture of the daughter of Jim Swire, in a frame there, and everybody goes there. Our children are all victims. I mean, these pictures, just to say the fact that we are all fathers of victims.

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  1. Doc. nr. 501065.rtf, Dossier Lockerbie, 2016 - google translation, German/English:

    For the ill-considered chaos bombing of NATO, on 'Libyan Arab Jamahiriya' and for the death of former leader Muammar Gadhafi, 2011, are with responsible:

    1. > An Interview of Mustafa Abdul Jalil, in der Swedish newspaper "Expressen" am February 24, 2011.
    "Expressen" reported on this time, that Libya's former justice minister has accused Moammar Gadhafi of ordering the 1988 bombing of a jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed 270 people. "I have evidence that Gadhafi ordered the Lockerbie."
    Abdul Jalil was after the collapse briefly Chairman of the National Transitional Council of Libya ... now a total chaos in Libya ...

    Link auf Statement of Musta Mohammed Abdul Jalil: http://www.betrayalforoil.com/index_18_1650219900.pdf

    2. > The decisive, Scottish "Evidence Fraud" - with a manipulated MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35) in the 'Lockerbie case' (PanAm 103). With this deception the former Gaddafi Regime, has ben deliberated implicated in the Lockerbie Tragedy!

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Telecommunication Switzerland. Webpage: www.lockerbie.ch