Sunday, 20 March 2016

UN Security Council rejects neutral venue Lockerbie trial proposal

On this date in 1998 the United Nations Security Council held a lengthy debate on Libya’s proposal (based on the scheme that I formulated in January 1994) for a trial of the Lockerbie suspects under Scottish law and procedure but in a non-jury court in the Netherlands. Many countries spoke in favour but the United Kingdom and the United States scorned the idea, and the proposal was ultimately defeated. Accounts of the Security Council proceedings can be read here and here.

Just four months later, on 24 August 1998, the United Kingdom and the United States reversed their position and tabled the scheme that ultimately led to the Lockerbie trial at the Scottish Court in the Netherlands.


  1. in late spring I was asked to move to the NL... I flew business class... didn't like it, then flew back less than two weeks later (flying business class again with a DOUBLED housing budget) decided to move then move delayed until summer of 1998 ... after moving to NL was called back to Pebble Beach to see my grandfather who was diagnosed with "early" stages prostate cancer yet opted to undergo chemo & radiation (he was 89 years old) he wanted to talk to me before he died. He told me he did NOT want to live to see an innocent prosecuted for the Lockerbie bombing. My Uncle Bill Frisbie was the Chief Pilot of Pan Am. My family knew Iran ordered the Lockerbie Bombing. I do not know any of the details. ..... I find this battle for the truth mind-numbing cause I can't compressing WHY the truth is not happening UNLESS there's more to it that I ever thought. If so God Bless America & the UK

    1. Hi Sharyn I know what really happened to flight 103 the truth will come soon I hope you will not be shocked horrified like I was when I asked a Mr Ian Bass of the A.A.I.B about the right hand nose wheel door that departed the aircraft first at 31'000 feet as shown on the radar screen then reattach to sec 41 of the nose in the field at Tundergrathmadem then a Mr Cooper replied to me that the A.A.I.B had made a mistake in the report something very dodgy is been covered up but it will all come out in the FEDERAL COURT in the good old U.S.A soon.

  2. Jeez, not another one.

    Flight 103 fell out of the sky because an improvised explosives device hidden in a suitcase went off inside baggage container AVE4041. All we're arguing about is whether the suitcase was in the bottom layer of luggage in the container, or one layer up from that. Hint: it was the former.

    All this fuss, and it's that simple. Really and truly.