Wednesday, 6 January 2016

We can be confident that the Scottish prosecutors got the right man

This is the headline over an article by Magnus Linklater in today’s edition of the Scottish Review. He regards his already well-known views as being supported by Ken Dornstein’s recent films. Here is a link to an article by one (of several) commentators that disagree with him: A response to the Dornstein documentary. And here is a link to earlier articles by Mr Linklater and responses by John Ashton, including calls by Ashton to Linklater to address certain issues, calls which have gone unanswered.


  1. A more apt way to pay tribute to his former boss and inspiration would have been to compare the investigative tradition of the Sunday Times in its glory days of exposing the Thalidomide scandal with the pathetic toadying behaviour of the modern mainstream press, relying entirely on secondary sources, as Linklater seems to have done himself. Making an entire wicker basket of straw men does not impress either.

  2. It's particularly annoying that Magnus smugly quotes Conan Doyle's maxim, since the Zeist judges ignored it at every turn.

  3. I would dearly love to debate Magnus Linklater on this topic one-to-one, focussing firmly on the evidence. Unfortunately he has no intention of ever responding to counter-argument. He has a platform as a result of his job, and he uses it to proselytise falsehoods then clams up.

    He's a journalist. Nothing more. You'd think he was some sort of expert in something, the way he's allowed to air his views as if he knows what he's talking about. It's scandalous the way biassed and lying journalists are able to punt their personal egos all over the press, and I'm not just talking about this either. And then when they're challenged on it, they have a cry-baby fit on Twitter and claim they're being "abused".